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  1. Ok buddy, how are you paying? I've sent you a message!
  2. Different brands have different maps, bit like Pepsi and cocacola!
  3. I can't I'm afraid, already losing £30 for 2 months of ownership as it is.
  4. Item For Sale: Blitz Access ECU for EP91 Item Condition and Description: Very good condition, no damage and taken from a working car. Removes fuel cut, raises rev limit and speed limiter. gives a better and more aggressive overall experience to driving. Fuelled safely up to 1.3bar, but my engine and turbo wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes, ran healthily at 1bar. Not many for sale ever! Price: £550 + paypal fees posted Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Payment through bank transfer paypal, or cash on collection. Shipping via next day courier recorded. Location: Wellingborough, near Santa Pod, Rockingham (where Japfest2 has been hosted) and Kettering (where JAE has been hosted)
  5. Right, the guys not getting back to me! Saturday morning offer... 1 day only... Cash on collection £650! Must be collected today! Bump!
  6. No sorry guys I'm not stripping it, I don't have the time to. It's provisionally sold pending collection and payment on Saturday!
  7. Very sad! Was a good car, and not long had it always wanted one since I was a kid, but finances have to go into something less exotic and the house!
  8. Sorry, it's Wellingborough, Northants. Not far from Santa Pod (10 minutes)
  9. It's sad to see my own car for sale
  10. Year: 1996 Model: Glanza V Tax: Jan 14 (not 100% will update if incorrect) MOT: April 14 (as above) Mileage: 187k km approximately Description: For sale as spares or repairs, 1996 Glanza V, was running around 180bhp until a hole in the block appeared behind the alternator. The cause of this is unknown, the internals haven't been checked as I don't have the time to strip it down. The car was previously cat c repaired in October 2008, but was VIC'd and returned onto the road in June 2009, damage was to rear passenger quarter, and drove straight and true when I had it on the road. The following is a rough spec list of the more desirable parts that are included in the sale; - Short route front mount intercooler - Jperformance aftermarket exhaust manifold - TMD 255lph fuel pump - SARD adjustable rising rate fuel pressure regulator - performance HT Leads and king lead - HKS adjustable wastegate actuator - stainless steel decat pipe, with a custom 3" straight through exhaust with jap angled back box - HKS Fuel cut defender All exterior panels are there, bonnet and roof are faded. V5 is present along with the last MOT. Car will need to be trailered away due to engine damage. I will be selling the Blitz Access ECU separately. Price: £800 ONO Pictures: Contact Details: reply or pm me or call after 6pm on 0773979223five
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