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  1. Hi guys, not sure if this is a repost, came across this on a starlet facebook page, Something to worry about.. http://www.carmarthenshireherald.com/14852/dangerous-fake-motor-racing-harnesses-uncovered/
  2. This was last year, let the dispute duration lapse because he kept saying he would post it, there weren't any complaints against him so I never doubted that he would post it, he never ignored my messages and would reply, anyway it's done, I hope the money served him well, I ended up buying another vanity tray from JAUCE, total damage £350 for one vanity tray!
  3. You're not getting anything from him, ripped me off for a vanity tray, twat!
  4. Easy and quick communication, reasonable pricing, well packed and quick post, I'm sure I've checked all boxes for five stars, Thanks mate Shaeeb
  5. shaeeb

    Vanity tray

    Vanity tray acquired, Thread may be closed
  6. Hi, would you sell just the front spats?
  7. shaeeb

    Vanity tray

    Hi guys I'm once again looking for a vanity tray, got ripped off by someone whose now banned here, Any leads would be highly appreciated, Cheers
  8. Bargain for someone, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-STARLET-CT9-TURBO-WEPR-EXHAUST-MANIFOLD-EP82-4EFTE-EP82-EP91-/141798105550?hash=item2103d361ce:g:1~IAAOSwT5tWGVL4
  9. These are one of the best hybrids money can buy, get it rebuilt and fitted you'll be laugh all the way to red line!
  10. Hi guys, check engine light came on throwing codes 12 and 42 > rpm and speed faults> problem is the car runs fine tachometer and speedo work ok, reset the ecu by unplugging 15a fuse, codes clear but reappear after a day, I'm running a blitz access ecu, I hope the ecu isn't playing up, is there any other checks I could do or replace igniter or dizzy before condemning the ecu? Thanks
  11. I got myself a Direnza half rad, the build quality is awesome, I'll get the baffled aluminum slim fan set up, it should be good enough, currently running the stock with a single fan (A/c out) so there's no backup fan and haven't had any heating issues.. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=371344580939
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