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  1. Nice! Glad to see you sourced an original drivers seat! Lo
  2. The thing is, these engines are 30 years old. So buy a 4EFTE is no safer than boosting a 4EFE. At the end of the day it's all in the tune. My Mazda MX5 has been turbo'd for 10 years and daily driven and has never skipped a beat. Stock everything engine wise. Uprated Injectors and Piggyback ECU is all that I have on it. Again, driveshafts snap because of torque not necessarily horsepower. So using software to control torque limit is a great way to get around this problem. I found in my GT that the wheels just lit up most of the time in the lower gears, so limiting torqu
  3. I don't understand why, for that money, you don't just forge the 4EFE lump? Like that's a lot of money to spend on engine/gearbox that might be goosed inside and need a rebuild. Plus the headache of wiring looms and the swap in general. The engines are not Honda Engines capable of 1000hp without serious modification. For 130-200 hp, why not just stick with what you have, uprating the components that you need to and delimiting the bottlenecks in strength of components in software. I would see the main issues, disregarding the piston/rods/clutch (as these
  4. You've not watched MightyCarMods before? They've been going like 10+ years and the most of their stuff is just jokes+laughs. I must admit, I was expecting the Sera to Chop the NX Coupe, was surprised at how much faster the Nissan was tbf. But then the fact the engine gave up the ghost at the end probably says all you need to know
  5. Also stick with the drums. They are just better than discs 😂
  6. I mean, they had that Stevo Evo Mk1 GT Around New Zealand a few years back. I know it was a little rough, but that would be worth some dollar to
  7. How long does it take to go to the post office Literally go on the way to work, never takes me more than 10 minutes out of my day. I use ParcelForce and it's literally walk in, scan, drop in the corner of the room pick up receipt go. If there is no queue, which there isn't usually, you're talking 60 seconds.
  8. I drove mine like a granny and it failed on me. Suspect that it wasn't built properly.
  9. I was having a conversation about this a while back. It's not a deal breaker. I don't think the 4EFE block is any weaker. But you don't want to be paying FTE prices!
  10. Hhmm, can't say I've seen Glanzas for that low. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1996-Toyota-Glanza-V-Starlet-1-3-Turbo-Auto/143697101073?hash=item217503c111:g:kzEAAOSwH5tfQ22X That looks like a nice clean example. The only other one on the bay looks a bit rough. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Starlet-Glanza-V-GT-Turbo-Ep91-11-Months-MOT-Manual-Gearbox/184399796668?hash=item2aef1599bc:g:qgYAAOSwhuRfCwBU
  11. Very simple setup on the back. So there really is very little to go wrong. The rear arm is a "twisted" beam, if you're luck with a "Pan hard rod". Rear Anti-Rollbars are aftermarket. The rear arm is fixed in by two big bolts and bushes to the chassis. My starlet with 215000Km on the clocks were in pristine condition. Replaced anyway but there was no signs of wear. The arm is fixed onto shocks and the top mounts into the towerstruts. If not tightened, the rear arm will drop over bumps. So ensure the bolts are done up. Things like exhaust can knock on the
  12. Yeah wow, interior looks super clean and smart. I like what you've done with that actually!
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