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  1. Haha yeah I hear you. I guess they are pricey in their own way though.
  2. Hey welcome back! What made you come back to the starlet then?
  3. Hello! Oh how frustrating about the other GT! I was under the impression that you crash a GT and you're dead lol. Glad to hear that wasn't the case. Mk1 is looking lovely!
  4. Would the rear half shafts take that sort of abuse?
  5. Hey looking smart. It's a shame no one else could be bothered, especially if your boss was onboard. But hey it's looking good in your hands
  6. My friend swears on the VAG stuff!
  7. I don''t have the cash to be fair. I walk everywhere it's that bad! I think he ended up giving the golf to his missus lol. Yeah? I'm surprised you'd be interested. He put a SARD FPR on it. Blitz ECU and a WEPR TD04. Polybush Engine mount. Hypersport Shifter and TD Shifter Bushes. I don't think he's done anything else to it. It's been a legendary motor to be fair. But doesn't get used anymore. Think the MOT has just lapsed on it.
  8. Hey cool EP80. I like the colour. Although, you know, bit rough around the edges. Hello and Welcome!
  9. Yeah mines dead, engines out and chassis is just rotting on the drive. I need to sort it out but it's hard with no garage. Brother bought a Mk5 Golf and the Starlet hasn't been driven. He's looking to sell it soon! Been saying that for years mind you.
  10. Yeah this looks really smart!
  11. Mmm, does make a nice difference to be fair!
  12. Yeah that looks rude! Love these cars
  13. Oh wow. Wheels look grand in that photo!
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