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  1. Looks sweet! Like a good GT. What parts are getting rare for these motors? Also, why did you smooth the boot? To what purpose does that solve? Looks great that you did though
  2. Lot of car for the money to be fair!!! I hope you got waht you wanted.
  3. @HedgeyGedgey What did you do in the end mate. The ones you got are exactly the same as mine and I've had no issues.
  4. Check the Idle Control Valve
  5. Will that pulley fit in the engine bay? I had a pulley from an AE86 (was mis-sold it from Fensport) and it was a few mm bigger than stock. Consequently, it did not fit in the engine bay. Looking sweet though.
  6. I was going to link that. Exactly what I bought for my EP82 and works a treat.
  7. The way I see it, could you go without your creature comforts that you are so used to now? As much as I dislike VW, you are going to get a lot of mod-cons. Less so in the EP3 And then none in the EP82 lmao.
  8. Nah mine are the same. I tapped them in. The used the wheel nut and pulled the studs through. Never had an issue.
  9. I can confirm, the Fensport ones I have on my Starlet. I guess I probably knackered the hubs putting them on. But they are solid. I will go to the garage later today put up a photo. I will see if I have the stock ones lying around. Give me a few hours.
  10. Only three months...amatuer. So what do these rails do? Give you a lower seating position?
  11. I heard, the jump between turbos on the earlier and later ones are mental. Is what I heard. But for conservative power 300ish you sould be laughing I would have thought.
  12. Yeah that looks the part. I would love an arcade machine, but I wonder whether or not I'd ever play it, or if its just a novelty thing...
  13. Hey that looks epic. This is turning into a right old weapon. Defo want to see this pinball though.
  14. I usee the fensport ones dor my wms brakes no issies
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