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  1. Not if the harmonic dampener is not threaded. I Just used a bearing puller. So works in a similar fashion, but it uses claws. I did have issues with it cracking the edges, ultimately I drove a metal wedge between the pulley and the engine block...
  2. Also, if the turbo had failed, then there is bound to be oil left over in the inlet tract etc, so maybe it's just that clearing itself. Have you driven the car a lot. Ay, it may seem expensive, but it's £400 for something that should last 60K miles. And if they provide warranty etc, that's good value for money.
  3. Did you pick up a new or used turbo? Was there any shaft play. Often I find it's just best to have your turbo rebuilt rather than picking up an unknown used turbo.same thing could happen to that turbo.
  4. Yes this is a mega build! I like lots of information. I will need to give this a good look over. How do you feel about "Max Speeding" rods as a direct replacement for OE? Just out of interest. Don't judge them for HP, just as a direct replacement.
  5. Cracking GT Pal. Love to see them over in the states. There is a guy on here who is from NYC too! Well worth getting in touch with him. My geography is awful, but I remember distinctly he doesn't live too far away from the flying saucers that featured in Men In Black 1 😃
  6. I have a false floor for the EP82 that I don't want. You're welcome to have it bud? Even if you want it just to draw a template from.
  7. This forum dropped off drastically in recent times. But it's still got active members. Gearheads etc.
  8. Ha! Crazy. In general, how does the car look.
  9. Wtf! What inconsiderate person crashes into your car and drives off! Looking smart though
  10. Well at least you got something back. Yeah that's annoying though.
  11. Had a nosey, best of luck with the open day!
  12. Calum122

    New GR Yaris

    Mental price though and you would have to see how it compares with the market in general, I.E. Is there something similar on the market which is perhaps grander in nature Interesting to see it being offered in the 4wd platform though and the fact it boasts a 257hp from a measly 1.6 is impressive. Mental how much these things weigh in at. Ita the same weight as an Impreza Spec C from 2005!
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