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  1. What's the plans for the future. Better off with a GT lad 😃
  2. Yes that will be an epic engine for the car. Amazing it's still going strong.
  3. Hello and welcome! Awesome to see it still on the road haha!
  4. Good to see you are still knocking about Colin. Haven't heard from you in a long time!
  5. More pics pleased. Volvo have just been a company that always stands out to me. As well as Saab. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't Volvos super reliable?
  6. Haha! Fair play mate. You are doing a superb job on this car. Hats off to you.
  7. We got an estimated price
  8. Oh wow! How much do these bumpers weigh? I mean, even the plastic ones aren't that heavy.
  9. Any chance of an OEM design?
  10. Oh yes very nice! Lovely job on that
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