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  1. Yeah wow, interior looks super clean and smart. I like what you've done with that actually!
  2. Sounds like it's drawing air past the butterfly to me. Noticeable on bikes where it has abnormally high idle and poor running performance.
  3. Haha, okay hats off to you a lot of love put into this fair play!
  4. Hey that's looking really smart!
  5. Amazing work as always, I love your attention to detail. Very impressive.
  6. Agreed £700 sounds about right for the work described. The ME221 does sound good, but if you are not going to use 90% of the features then there is nothing wrong with Piggyback. If you really are bothered, go get a Haltech ECU for £1200 and use that. Best thing about the Haltech is that once you are done, you can remove it and sell it or use it on your next project car. Same with Piggyback in fact. Where as the ME221 system is tied to the car.
  7. Epic mate! These builds are a dying breed these days.
  8. Last I heard even genuine synchros are getting are to get.
  9. Would need some hella reinforcement of the chassis I'd imagine lol
  10. Hi there and welcome. You should be in luck, like most Jap cars, Black/White/Silver was just common place 😃 I'd expect there to be some members in your local vicinity. Definitely wise purchasing from a member who has history and can track the build! Good Luck!
  11. Calum122


    Definitely want to see how you go about fitting a sun roof to a non sunroof model 🤣 Just for the grind
  12. Hey Colin, No excuses to not have this done by the time lockdown is over 😉 Hope all is well!
  13. Hello and welcome! Good choice on an 82 😉 A little word of advice, pay the extra and get a nice example. Don't jump at the first one you see. If I had my time again, I'd probably buy an ex-members one from here. It's what I should have done. Fabulous cars absolutely love them. Just mines never worked! Be good to see yours when you get it!
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