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Build Thread

Found 20 results

  1. Sold
  2. Right here we go guys been trying to get this done for some time now. Ive had my glanza for 2 and a half years now after looking for a clean stock 96 spec for around 6 months so when this beauty popped up i had to have her so after a 4 hour drive to see it she was sat onmy drive that night and a massive grin on my face from the drive home. The spec when i bought her :- Stock 4EFTE engine Stock body ( very clean ) Evo 6 Recaros and custom rails 2 1/2 inch Custom Exhaust 15" Team Dynamique pro 1.2 alloys HKS BOV The plan was to keep or totally stock but after 2 months of ownership i signed up to ukso and my eyes opened up to the world of starlets and things suddenly chaged to this At the time i didnt have a lot of money so managed with a tight budget BUT i did not realise how crap toyo sports were haha ! The manifold last 1000 miles before it split into 3 pieces unfortunately i dont have a picture ! so after that i new quite i bit more about starlets so i saved and ordered a td04 mani of sacha @ wepr because i do like there quality of work and craftsman ship. whilst waiting for the manifold i managed to get some forged internals dirt cheap so i went about getting the block machined to fit them, 2 weeks later the engine was built back up with the new wepr kit to look like this So that was up and running with me loving the power but once again things changed and a mate was selling a td05 16g of his scooby so i bought it cheap and slapped it on aswell as uping the boost to 1.5bar and made 311bhp on a rolling road in wrexham. Next thing was a fancied a change to the exterior so a new set of wheel and bonnet were ordered wheels, Shneider 15's Which soon got changed to Rota Grids along with my Carbon dipped id workz cruise boonet And then another wheel change to 15" Rays Q Games I ran this set up for around a year whilst i was researching 24/7 about what it takes to get to the next level of performance, I planned everthing out with what and how i wanted and set around to stripping the car down just after christmas 2012 to free up some funds. my 400+bhp target SPEC WOSSNER pistons PEC rods Lightend, Balanced and Knife edged crank ARP Bearing and Head bolts TMD port and polished high flow head Tighe custom grind 282 cams Cruise springs and buckets Cruise 2mm headgasket Full engine balance with cusco flywheel Painted the block and head with hi temp paint to spruce it up a little After a dozen or so emails over to Sacha @ WEPR we figured out what type of turbo kit to run and during the next 12 weeks i had a couple of pictures Then all polished up Once it arrived i had to get another with the mams hand in to show the size of this thing Then test fitted Then inlet was on my mind and luckily a Racetech Race-Spec version popped up, test fitted So that was the engine ready to roll including a set of Honda k20 Coil plugs ready to get rid of the dizzy. Needed a new fuel rail as i got stiffed with one of the famous CJPerformance one and luckily BEAN had put his HKS one for sale which i couldnt resist as id been after one for a long time In went the engine the day before the 5 hour trailer journey to Racetech @ Sheffeild Brakes were the next thought and Keri had just set up a group buy with perfect timing so they arrived and got fitted straight away with a new set off Meisters Then Body work Genuine Livesports wings Genuine Varis rear with 98 spec bubble lights Varis front bumber, wont be going on as is ive got a few plans for it to try and make a real aggresive look Cusco cage from Id Workz, please forgive me for the speaker haha ! Dean at RW Developments is currently making me a 8 point rear brace aswell WHEEL WHORES A starlet in japan popped up a couple of years back with a set of XXR'S on it which i new i wanted after that so the search begun, unfortunately they were not available in the UK so on the net i went looking and found a set in the states brand new and perfect size. I payed over the internet and recived an email saying the wheels i had purchased have to be custom made :/ so after so long and not receiving anything i started to worry and tried to get my money back but with no avail. 6 months later KNOCK KNOCK and there they were at my front door with a huge customs bill So i opened them up and there they were, XXR 522 15 by 8 ET0 in Gold after a good wax with auto finesse minty wheels And test fitted, going to need some serious arch work though ! As she stands at the moment she has been @ Racetech since June getting DTA S60 ecu Anti-Lag Launch Control Costom engine loom Battery relocated to the boot Full 3 inch turbo back exhaust Intercooler Coil conversion Mapping She will hopefully be back in 2 weeks time but we all know how this bussines goes so im not getting my hopes up as she was supposed to be back for JAE. ive built this car for one reason and one reason only and that too break the 400bhp mark and be top of the board on pump fuel Any and all comments welcome and please forgive the crap wording asim not the best it writting ! And lastly thanks to all the lads who ive had info and help off aswell as bought parts from over the last few years. Aaron
  3. Item For Sale: Apexi SAFC 1 5 dial Item Condition & Description: as above an apexi SAFC 1 5dial. Had it on my car when I bought it and had some trouble with it after removing the battery. Been toldi needed to have it mapped but as I'm running standard I figured it just remove it and sell it to someone who wants it. Price: not seen many for sale (if any!) be advised they're roughly 100 quid but will take offers as well Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:
  4. Item For Sale:Glanza tail lights Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Price:30 Pictures: More parts to add and better pictures !! Item for sale : heater controls Condition: Perfect Price: 10£ Pictures: item for sale: Glanza s clocks Condition: Perfect condition, Pictures: Item for sale: JDM 100bhp n/a engine Condition: Perfect, Timing belt and water pump done 2k ago Recently serviced Doesn't leak or burn oil Good compression on all 4 cylinders A/c unit still on engine Very original genuine engine Also have loom to go with it Price:150 for engine .ex postage Pictures: Item for sale: Glanza full size rad Condition: few bent fins but no leaks working perfect, Does not include extra fan Price;25£ Pictures: Item for sale: Oem strut Condition: good but could do with fresh coat of paint Price:15 Pictures: Item for sale: 4efte distributor Condition : perfect working order Price:35 Pictures: Item for sale: back box (unknown make)SOLD Comdition: bought over 2 years ago but was only fitted to my old car for 2 months or so Price: Pictures: Item for sale: 040 white Glanza side skirts Condition:used but overall good condition Price :20 Pictures: Item for sale: JDM 100bhp Glanza s import for breaking!! Condition description:front end damage Item for sale : Glanza head lights Condition: 2 head lights are in good condition could do with a wipe of a cloth, 1 head light has 2 scratches on the lense Price:SOLD Pictures: Item for sale: GLANZA heater fan Condition:perfect working order Price:20 Pictures: Item for sale: Glanza s/starlet exhaust and back box Condition: perfect no holes or rust Cat very good passed test a couple of months ago AFTERMARKET BACK BOX SOLD!! Price: 80 complete with standard or after market back box not including postage Pictures: Item for sale: 4efte fuel pump Condition:working perfect Price :10 Pictures: Item for sale: Indicator and wiper stalks Conditions:slightly faded but work perfect Price:10 Pictures: Item for sale: Driver side clear indicator Condition:perfect Price:15 Pictures: Item for sale: OEM gear knob Condition: Good condition,just needs wipe of a cloth Price:7 Pictures: FULL CAR FOR BREAKING !! CAR WILL BE GOING TO SCRAPYARD THIS WEEK!! All parts available at cheap prices! Will add more pictures and parts Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add 4% fee or send as gift. Registered postage or courier
  5. Hi guys, I need a new map sensor for using with my Apexi PowerFC, I believe I need a Denso DPS-310-2000A, can anyone confirm? Also this is only one i seem to find for sale: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-For-Apexi-FC-499-X001-map-sensor-Denso-DPS-310-2000A-811010-/321058161918
  6. Hi all, Just thought I'd let you know I'm back, with another black Glanza V, but this time with a turbo! I don't drive this at the moment as I'm currently using my daily Golf. However, as soon as she sells I'll be transferring my policy over! The current daily: The previous owner who I purchased this car off had it for 8 years, he initially lived in Japan but moved to the UK about 3 years ago. He brought the car with him when he moved over and since bringing it did various bits and bobs to it. Here's the spec: Engine: -Standard 4E-FTE -Cusco Diff -Cusco Lightened Flywheel -Exedy Organic Clutch -HDI FMIC -Speedvision CT9 Hybrid -Speedvision CT9 Manifold -SARD Decat -SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator and Gauge -Fujitsubo Power Getter exhaust system -330CC Injectors -255LPH Walbro Fuel Pump -HKS SSQV -Koyo Lightweight Radiator -Lightweight Cam Gear -A/C Still intact -Magnecore HT Leads Interior: -Recaro SA3R's -Genuine EP91 Recaro Rails -6 x Defi Gauges reading the following Exhaust Temp, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost and Rev gauge with Shift light -Mapped on a Apexi Power FC by Yoshi in Japan -Greedy Boost Controller -Blitz Turbo Timer -TRD Gearknob Chassis -Tein Coilovers -Cusco Front strut brace -Cusco Rear strut brace -Custom C Pillar bar -Whiteline Panhard Rod -All OEM bushings replaced with TRD mounts apart from Engine mounts Wheels/Brakes -Drilled and grooved front and rear discs -PMU Pads -Steel Braided Brake Lines -Genuine Enkei RFP01's -Brand New Advan Potenza RE11's Exterior -Genuine 96 Spec front splitter -Genuine Rear Lip -Genuine Duck tail -Carbon Fibre Eyelids -TRD Bonnet Scoop -Sunroof Model A few photos: I have a few parts which I currently have sat around from my previous build which I'll be fitting in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled guys! Aamir
  7. Item For Sale: Apexi Power FC in good condition, a few wee marks on the case but this does not affect the running of system at all. It also comes with a brand new FC Hako cable that hasn't even been used yet. This is used to connect the ecu to your laptop for mapping, logging and general monitoring. This is compatible with all the different types of software eg CoPilot, FC-Edit and FC-Pro. I also have the boost control kit which comes with a 3 bar map sensor and harness along with a 3 port boost solenoid which connects to your factory wiring in place of the original hi-low solenoid. To make this a complete kit all that is needed is a commander which isn't necessary in any way at all. Its only for sale as such a low price since I have seen another ECU i have always wanted pop up for sale. This is a full plug and play ECU for the EP82, If you are buying it for a EP91 I will include the adapter harness that i made to make it fit. This started and ran my car 100%. Dont miss your chance for one of the best made ECU's and the EP series! Item Condition & Description: Used with a few minor marks. A small crack on the harness plug but this does not affect the workings in anyway at all Price: SOLD Pictures: ECU, Harness, Boost Solenoid, 3 Bar Map Sensor and Map Sensor Harness ECU and EP82 Harness Adapter Harness EP82 - EP91 Payment & Shipping Details: It will be send tracked and traced and insured for the full value. Buyer will be provided with a tracking number as soon as its sent. I will include this in the price for the UK and Ireland
  8. Item For Sale: Cusco carbon fiber front and rear braces Item Condition & Description: Clean few scratches, some dirt on the metal brackets etc Fitment: EP91-EP82 Price:SOLD Payment & Shipping Details: Pay Pal 4%, ... FREE POSTAGE TO UK AND IRE Pictures:
  9. Item For Sale: Starlet Hyper Rev Item Condition & Description: Great Condition considering its age.. the starlet bible. this is a must have book for any owner of a starlet, lets you see the tuning parts available..Tom's,live sports,jam, etc all the big tuning names in one book.. Price: SOLD Payment & Shipping Details: pay pal.. Free Standard post or £6 Tracked post Pictures:
  10. Item For Sale: Ep91 Apexi Power FC, Hand Commander, 3bar map sensor. Item Condition & Description: Im not gonna bore you with and indepth description of what the unit can do. But the short end of the stick is, that its a plug and play fully programable ecu! The unit and all included accessories are in a excellent, used, working order. This ecu was orignally an ep82 unit but i rewired the harness for an ep91. Im an aircraft electrician by trade so rest assured the harness has been made to a high standard by myself. Ive owned the unit for about 4 years and in that time has never missed a beat. Its been more than adequate for getting me up to 300bhp. The hand commander is in excellent working condition, but may have the odd blemish/ scratch here and there.A Vw 3 bar map sensor is included along with wiring connector this was bought new about 4 years ago. Ive probably covered about 5000miles in that time and a couple of track days. Price: The price of these has sky rocketed in the past couple of months. Im not here to make a massive profit and rip people off. I just want whats owed. £800 incl all fees and postage. Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Payment Via Paypal fees included. Postage included via Royal Mail 24hr tracked, insured upto £1000. Mainland uk only.
  11. 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰 Item For Sale:Apexi turbo timer SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Was only used for a couple of months Price:35 posted Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:Registered tracked postage, paypal with 4% fee or as gift Item for sale: Hks speed limit defender Condition : used but in perfect working order Price: 40 posted Pictures: Postage / payment: Paypal as gift or add 4% fee, 1st class registered tracked postage
  12. Just thought this would help a couple people out now and then has most of the main brand systems on there. AEM APEXI BLITZ GReddy HKS TURBOSMART http://www.supracentral.com/foundation/manuals-and-documentation/ Thanks.
  13. Item For Sale: STRI Gauges Item Condition & Description: Brand new, These are probably one of the best set of gauges you can buy. The gauges include : Oil pressure, Oil temp, water temp and voltage. They are of a black background and light up amber, these are also the ghost style. Price: Complete set of the four gauges - £450 Oil pressure - £ 135 Oil temp - £ 115 Water Temp - £115 Voltage - £110 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Postage included, can be collected Item For Sale: Cusco adjustable panhard rod with spherical bearings at both ends Item Condition & Description: Used, is fairly rusty but not flaking just surface rust ideally would benefit from a lick of paint. Getting pretty rare to find these ones with the spherical bearings at both ends allowing the rod to tilt naturally. Both rod ends are also free to adjust and have been greased so their not seized solid. Price: £110 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Delivery included in sale or can be collected. Please add 4% if paying by paypal
  14. Item For Sale: Toyota levin twin pot brake kit (fit starlets) Item Condition & Description: in good condition , brakes work brilliantly , come with pagid pads , the discs come from an astra diesel , alot thicker than standard starlet discs Price:£270 posted Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: pm me but most things i can post at buyers expense unless asked Item For Sale: altenator Item Condition & Description: worked well , a little grubby looking as expected Price:£35 delivered(due to weight) Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: pm me but most things i can post at buyers expense unless stated Item For Sale: fuel pressure regulator , rail adapter +fuel rail shined up +fuel line Item Condition & Description:works great looks good , fuel line is a wee bit craked Price: £45 delivered Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: pm me but most things i can post at buyers expense unless stated Item For Sale:ep82 front grill Item Condition & Description:in good condition bar that it has a wee crack on the drivers side at the bottom corner , but hard to notice unless up close Price:£25 delivered Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: pm me but most things i can post at buyers expense unless stated Item For Sale:hks turbo timer Item Condition & Description:works great Price:£30 delivered Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: pm me but most things i can post at buyers expense unless stated thanks for looking , pm me for any questions
  15. Item For Sale: Custom throttle bodies to suit 4E-FE, 5E-FE, 5E-FHE Item Condition & Description: Used Will come with the following; Quad Throttles Flange with custom runners New Blue Silicone Joiners Stainless Steel Jubilee Clips MAP Sensor Vacuum Lines & T- Piece Custom Piping for brake servo Bracket for throttle cable Bracket for TPS This is a plug and play kit, can be fitting in around 30 minutes by a amateur. I will clean them up before postage. Throttle response is greatly improved. Will make a huge difference to the drive-ability. The kit will be synchronized to ensure maximum efficiency. Price: £350.00 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Payment by PayPal or cash on collection. Will be sent 1st Class recorded post, with tracking number. Item For Sale: Apexi Super AFC Neo Item Condition & Description: Used, 10/10 Excellent condition, used for around 4 months. Let you fine tune your fuel settings. Colour sceen with various outputs in digital & analogue. RPM, TP, Volts etc. All the information can be found here. http://www.apexi-usa.com/store/electronics/afc-neo/afc-neo-fuel-management.html Price: £230.00 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Payment by PayPal or cash on collection. Will be sent 1st Class recorded post, with tracking number.
  16. Item For Sale: Apexi Power FC Item Condition & Description: Used, Came off an EVO 8 No hand commander. Price: £300 will take offers, nothing silly please Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details I'll post anywhere except Ireland and abroad. Cheers
  17. Item For Sale: Depo Guages: Fuel pressure Item Condition & Description: New, not used, just been built. All sensors/stands included. Price: offers Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Cash on collection or via pay-pal + fees. On payment a postage quote will be given. (Im not here to make money on P&P) Item For Sale: Oil catch tank Item Condition & Description: Good condition, few marks. Comes with thick blue silicone hoses to match. Price: offers Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Cash on collection or via pay-pal + fees. On payment a postage quote will be given. (Im not here to make money on P&P) Item For Sale: Genuine Apexi Big Air Filter Induction Kit Item Condition & Description: Good condition. Comes with silicone hose to match td04. Price: offers Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Cash on collection or via pay-pal + fees. On payment a postage quote will be given. (Im not here to make money on P&P)
  18. I've just spent the day installing the Apexi AVC-R and playing with the settings and to be honest it would have been a lot easier with the following information. So just to make it easier for anyone installing one in the future I'm going to do a write up and put all the links I used here to get it installed, running and working etc ! What you'll need; AVC-R headunit. Wiring. Map sensor. Solenoid. 2 metres of 4mm silicone boost piping. 1 or 2 6mm T-pieces (depending on external wastegate or not). 5 scotch locks. Pliers. Torch. A beer. Piping/plumbing Firstly, mount your solenoid somewhere in the engine bay. I mounted mine on the front cross member behind the intercooler. That way its out of the way, close to all the parts the need plumbing in and the wires will be nicely hidden when it comes to running them. NOTE* If you're using an ACTUATOR BUILT INTO THE TURBO, you need to use ports "COM" and "NO" on the solenoid and leave "NC" open/unused. If using an EXTERNAL WASTEGATE you need to use ports "COM" and "NC" leaving port "NO" open/unused. Piping in the ACTUATOR/INTERNAL WASTEGATE; 1.Run a line from COM to the nipple on the actuator. 2.Run a line from NO to a feed from the boost sytsem (typically the little nipple on the turbo). Actuator/internal wastegate setup shown below. Piping in the EXTERNAL WASTEGATE; 1.Run a line from COM to the top of the wastegate. 2.Run a line from the bottom of the wastegate (flange side) to a feed from the boost system (typically the little nipple on the turbo). 3. Cut the line from step 2 and insert a T-piece, and run a line to NC. External wastegate setup shown below. Next you need to install the map sensor. This will be the part that tells your AVCR exactly what boost pressure you're producing for an accurate reading! The map sensor; Reading about, you're supposed to mount this with the nipple point downwards... I'm not entirely sure if it makes a difference, but do it anyway just to be sure lol! I've put mine on the bulkhead hidden behind the inlet with zip ties. Once you have mounted it plumb it in like so... 1.Run a line from the front of your inlet to your dumpvalve. 2. Cut the line in step 1, and insert a T-Piece and run another line to the map sensor. Map sensor plumbing diagram. After that's done, plug in the Map sensor and the Solenoid ! NOTE* Running the wires through the bulkhead is a fucking pain in the arse. I have no idea why they put such massive connectors on the parts, but there we go... To make it easier I cut all of the connectors off and then ran the wires through the bulkhead from the inside. Even like this it was hard. I ran the tube from my old boost gauge through the bulkhead and then zip tied all wires for the map sensor to the end, and gentle pulled them through by pulling the tube back... For the solenoid I still cut the connector off but ran these wires through the wing and took the indicator out to pull them through. When all wires were in the engine bay I added bullet connectors and made them water tight with heatshrink. This way it will be much easier to remove the bits if need be in the future! WIRING This is the fun bit. Get on your hands and knees and get comfy in the driver's footwell like a hobbit because you're going to be here for at least half an hour fiddling about just to fit 5 wires. (Micra owners will have it a bit easier here seeing as your ECU is behind the dash, which can easily be found by removing the glovebox) Unplug the connectors from the ECU from behind the centre console under the dash on the driver's side (EP82 owners). Peel back some of the plastic covering to reveal the wires and give you space to splice into the wires. Next you need to match up your wiring to the diagrams below by splicing into the wire using scotch locks. Pretty straight forward... Have fun LOL. Wire colours and what they are... NOTE* Throttle position is NOT needed on manual cars as the EP82-91 TPS is either on or off. So no point wiring in the GREY wire. You can add it if you wish although there is no point unless you have a TPS from an automatic starlet as that does use a progressive TPS... I can't remember exactly why you would need it, another feature on the AVCR that I've forgotten about . Where they go: For the purple wire, USE RPM1. After you have wired them in, plug the connectors back in, connect the head unit, tidy up your wires etc and mount the unit... It's time to turn her on ;). SETTING UP THE AVCR. To save a lot of writing, I'm just going to put this link in... I found it very helpful just reading through it... NOTE* One of the main problems I had that I will mention is my RPMs were miles out... To fix this, go into the settings under "ETC", select car selection (or whatever its called ) and put in the correct settings! For my GT it is a 4 cylinder, I left the SPD on whatever it was on (4 I think) and I put the throttle to " * * " as this means it isn't used!... As a preset it thought it was connected to a 6 cylinder lol, hence RPMs being miles out... http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=167038 I hope this helps a lot of people as it would have helped me a million! If I have made any mistakes or missed parts, please let me know and I will edit the post/guide whatever you wish to call this . Thanks! Adam.
  19. Item Condition: Used but a great example for age. Price and price conditions: SOLD PRICE LOWERED! Extra Info: 69K MILES, NEW HEAD GASKET, CAMBELT, WATER PUMP, CLUTCH. Would possibly swap for stanced MX5 Mk1 or 2 Pictures: By festival500 at 2012-03-22 Contact Details: Dan: 07805841942 , danielghodges@yahoo.co.uk Location: Kent I am not in any rush to sell my starlet but am thinking about getting something rear wheel drive so seeing what sort of response I get from this ad. This car has been cared for regardless of cost! thousands spent and receipts to prove! Also the head gasket was replaced only 4-5k ago with a multi layer gasket. Always ran on V Power. Car runs perfectly safe at just under 1 bar with all necessary supporting mods, producing between 180-200bhp. still manages 30mpg on average! The rear interior has been removed but I still have everything in the garage. All works carried out by MnM Engineering as seen on BDC. SPEC Engine: 1.4 Multi Layered Metal Head Gasket (only a few months old) Freeflow Mild Steel Manifold HKS Adjustable Actuator HKS Mushroom Filter Full Apexi Exhaust System De Cat Down Pipe HDI Front Mount Intercooler Blitz Super Sound Dump Valve Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator (only a few months old) D1 Spec 1.3 Pressure Cap Uprated Leads and Plugs (only a few months old) Exceedy Organic Sports Clutch (only a few months old) Handling: Meister R Zeta R Fully Adjustable coilover (only a few months old) Rota Slipstreams D1 Spec Wheel Nuts WhiteLine Antilift Kit/ Caster Kit EBC YellowStuff Front Pads EBC Drilled and Grooved Front Discs Front and Rear Strut Braces WhiteLine Adjustable Panhard Rod Kit WhiteLine Sway Bar Front and Rear Yoko Prada Spec 2's on the front Interior: Blizt Turbo Timer RARE TRD centre console, dial surrounds and window button surrounds. TRD Fuel cap Blizt Boost Gauge Cat 1 Alarm system with paper work + 2 keys fobs fitted last year! All Import Docs and MOT certificates etc since imported Cambelt/ Waterpump Replaced in April 2011 Oil and filter is changed every 3k with Millers 10w 40w Current Mileage in MILES is 69000 or just under. V Low for a Glanza! Any questions feel free
  20. Right, well this is the story of my Glanza i bought back in 2009 and the trials and tribulations that come with owning these cars! Ive always wanted a Glanza ever since i was about 16 and seeing one at college as it went past with the sound of the turbo spooling, exhaust popping, and fluttering as he lifted off. I knew straight away one day i would own one! I finally managed to get one at the age of 19 after a couple of months of searching and seeing some right dogs of cars this is the one i settled on! These are the images off piston heads when i bought it... When I saw it and took it for that first test drive that was it i was hooked! Been a bit wet in the ear with turbo cars etc I checked all the usual stuff and didnt see any issues, and it was SERIOUSLY quick. When i started on the forums a bit more I realised it did have a few issues, Cracked head around the exhaust port Boosting to 1bar no fuelling mods only an fcd fitted So it turns out it was actually fitted with a jam actuator and a jam fcd, so i was only driving it on low boost mode until i could get that sorted. So i bought a hks actuator and attempted to fit that, been the first thing id ever done to my own car it took me all day, with lots of swearing, shouting and grazed knuckles. But I did it, and got it all set up without removing anything other than the weather sheild underneath the engine. Result! So I cleaned it up and took it for some photos to celebrate A few weeks after that I got in the car after it had been parked up in the public carpark over night to find a note on my windscreen, to find out someone had reversed into my V. They left a note with a phone number and explaining they only "lightly tapped" my car. And to call her and she would pay for the bumper to be sprayed. Not alot of visible damage, but scratched the bumper, dented the bonnet and broke the headlight. Rage is not the word for what i was feeling at that point in time! When i explained to the lady the extent of the damage and the fact parts are very expensive for these as its an import she tried to get out of paying me any money. So in the end i had to go through her insurance company. The insurance garage picked it up and towed it away, but the guy from the garage was really nice and agreed to cut out smooth and spray my bumper while it was off for my FMIC id ordered RESULT! So this is what it looked like when i got the car back a week or so later I was well chuffed! So on goes the fmic, my cooling panel and a ssqv dump valve, and my own home made earthing kit, (Im an electrician by trade so that was all up my street!) Not bad i considered seeing as I had never worked on any cars at all before i owned this! So I drove it like that for a little while and I made 151.6bhp at a rolling road, which is was fairly happy with. Then, the power bug bit me, and I decided i wanted more!
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