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  1. I have a new one for sale, PM sent.
  2. Yes, indeed. A Subaru was purchased for enjoyment over the summer months, we are now in December & I have no intentions of selling any time soon. However, I have decided to start making some headway with this; in a different direction. More details to follow. In the mean time, enjoy some Subaru photos
  3. One oil leak fixed, another to tackle after MOT. Not too much left to do really. Make 1 brake pipe & bleed system Bleed clutch Attach bumper, wing & bonnet Connect PAS pipes Interior plastics ECU - in the process of sorting that
  4. The other one is ICV Skiny, with the ITB's there is no valve for it. I've just left it plugged in and secured to the loom as the EML will come on, if left off.
  5. Nitrous bottle back from powdercoating. All vacuum, coolant, fuel and brake hoses on. Bit more tidying done. Ran today for about 15 with no issues, by ran mean ticking over OK. I've sprung a few leaks here and there as expected, but nothing major.
  6. No, not as simple as that. Fueling and ignition timing need to be set at the very least. I am only running it like this to cover some run in miles, then it will be setup with standalone management.
  7. Some tyding done tonight. Leaks fixed also.
  8. The 5E-FHE is a high compression engine. Stock ECU at the minute, but I will be going for a link atom.
  9. Just the standard N/A box with a 1.5 way LSD Morgey. Cheers fellas
  10. Cheers Morgey! Here's hoping.
  11. And we have a runner https://youtu.be/uRbRFFNyDkk
  12. Cheers fellas. Crower 285 degree Socks. Should work just the same as a 5e Pikey.
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