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  1. wee white gt spotted in the sse carpark last night. was down myself for cher haha
  2. it's an easy mistake that's why I suggested it.
  3. possible you have got the water an vac lines mixed up on the throttle body?
  4. can someone clarify something for me lol. does the washer go between the came cover an pulley? or between the timing belt an cover?
  5. ever find your fault? my car has started to do this 😕
  6. as above looking a levin or celica brake kit, ready to bolt on if possible thanks ian
  7. cheers lad. hope to get her back out soon
  8. hiya. anyone have the part numbers for OEM caliper rebuild kits for ep91 glanza thanks ian
  9. monty1991

    cylinder head

    wanted head to refurbish to save takin my car off the road posted to northern ireland too please
  10. im in the process of mapping the civic, if its done in time id like to see wat power she is, but if not ill shoot over in the glanza
  11. thats aarons yoke, my mate mark used to own it! i'll mention it to aaron next time i see him
  12. i'll try bring both but id put the civic on the rollers
  13. an it begins lol type r vs glanza..... mite get the glanza out of the shed if hondas aren't allowed
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