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  1. Can they be got new anywhere or anyone selling a very clean set? Thanks
  2. Thanks for having us! Definitely turned out to be more of a mad weekend than I expected, more of the same next year and hopefully I bring a Starlet next time
  3. I'll get back at the car this evening and check all, thanks a lot for the help lads, really appreciate it!
  4. Swapped fuelpump, still blowing fuse
  5. Pump is in it about 6 years or so Thanks lads, hopefully get it sorted for the spin over!
  6. Meant to be getting ferry to England Friday morning for JAE but car has started to blow efi fuse. Only seems to happen under load. Just started doing this out of nowhere, nothing has changed to cause it. Car has EMU wired in and AVCR and walbro pump. Wiring has been checked on ecu and all is ok, plugged out boost controller and still blew fuse. Any suggestions, really need to sort it asap! Gonna be a long drive if im changing fuses every few miles
  7. Looks like the Irish lads are helping make up the numbers this year! lol Cant wait for the spin over and to see ye're cars. Mine isnt in the condition I'd like it to be in but it'll have to do
  8. Can they be got new and if not whats the altternative?
  9. Galen

    rebuild advice

    I've picked up a 2nd engine. It's a GT bottom end, has steel headgasket and rings and bearings were done few years back and not much mileage on it since. I know the lad who had it after the rebuild and he said it was fine. He then sold it on to another fella that used it for 1 month while forging his own. He says it had oil and smoke out the rocker breather but ran fine otherwise. The engine has been sitting for a year or 2 since he took it out. I have a 1.2mm athena headgasket here so was thinking of taking off the head, doing the piston rings and putting that engine into my car to get it back on the road asap. What could be the cause of oil and smoke out the breather anyway? My own engine always throws bit of oil out the breather but then it has 300,000kms on it
  10. Galen

    Headgasket advice

    As far as I know this will be the first time the head has been off so everything should be as standard. Whats standard thickness gasket and what advantage is there to changing that, I know it changes compression but how does that affect things like lag or just how the engine performs?
  11. Galen

    Headgasket advice

    Headgasket needs doing on the Glanza. Currently runs 1bar td04 on standard engine. Will probably do some headwork and get bigger injectors and maybe go to 1.2bar What sort of headgasket should I get, what does anyone recommend? Thanks
  12. Update.... headgaskets on the way out so back driving the diesel daily and Glanza is tucked up in a shed until I can be bothered to fix it, or if I can afford to go forged!
  13. The wastegate ended up being connected wrong to boost solenoid last week and car overboosted to 1.5bar. Luckily caught it in time and engine seems fine, runs same as always with no smoke. But! Now I can only reach .6bar, i even put up the duty in avcr and made no difference. Could it be the wastegate itself? Would the diaphragm be damaged after the overboost and only be able to hold .6 now? Its only a cheap ebay one anyway, lasted me over a year at least lol
  14. 150, just over £100! Was looking through your thread, class car! Pity ya couldnt get a bigger set of Advans but the wheels on now are still cool on it
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