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  1. No bother, your not allowed to laugh at the landcruiser spare wheel on the boot lid though
  2. Never once mentioned a 4wd box, though i have read that theres options for the manual boxes to be modified to accept the transfere box. Alot of strange toyotas and lexus, the owner was an undertaker and travelled to japan alot, for what reason i dont know, he just liked buying them and shipping them home. He was getting a new fleet of vehicles so needed his indoor premises cleared out. If people must know, i paid 1300 quid for it, it was advertised at 1700 but was haggled down with regards to the costs of mot and registering it. Not a price i would consider over the odds at all for it.
  3. A used imported vehicle, yes it does. Do I have to send you a link to hmrc’s info on it?
  4. I’m calm mate, he’s picking arguments with the bloody fairies
  5. Hey there, Gareth here from Northern Ireland , been away from the starlets for quite a while, had an sr about 10 years ago then a gt turbo after. I’ve now acquired a rare wee ep91 4wd auto remix and the first registered owner of it in the uk. It was imported from Japan in 2012 and kept in a private collection. With only 30k on it and never seen uk roads, the wee thing is mint. I’m currently using it as a daily but trying to gather information on the 4wd set up and swapping it to manual/ turbo etc. It seems only 500 of these were made and sold in Japan so I’d assume there pretty rare to see and in this condition. Any knowledge greatly appreciated. It also comes as standard with the Corolla manifold which seems odd to me. Anyways, I’ve plans for it in the future.
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