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  1. Hi guys looking some help as I bought myself paseo dials for my 1998 starlet s. There is a lot of diagrams out there and even found a post by someone called monkey who had a fantastic step by step diagram but he seemed to already have a rev counter when he started the process. My dials currently don't have a rev counter, it's a 1998 starlet s and I would like to put the paseo dials in. Is there anyone with a step by step guide to do this as I am really not sure at all about electronics in these and how to do it. I have searched threw the forums but everyone's diagrams are
  2. Cheers guys didn't realise there was so many in county down I am from Bangor myself. Bodywork on the car is a bit of a nightmare photographs well though lol Unfortunately I am unsure were the guy got the splitter from as it came on the car pretty sure it's just the Renault espace splitter though chopped to fit
  3. Hi guys set this up a while ago but gonna start a build thread soon. Me and a few mates have decided to do a trip over to Santa pod for ultimate street car in August , each of us buying a small reliable car that we can have a few months building but not going mad with prices picked up a wee starlet as you can see below and let the work begin. Will probs need a few helpful tips on the site Thanks Sam
  4. Bucket seats wanted on rails if possible. Glanza front bumper preferably in red but not a huge issue if needs painted same with spoiler I am in northern Ireland so unless it's within driving distance would need to be able to post Thanks
  5. Yea ep91 will get some pictures up tomoz:) Finding it hard to get a decent bumper at the minute but hopefully this week start to get sorted. It's currently siting on stealths atm and lowered on coilovers but just not sure if I like them tbh Gonna do a proper build on this as I haven't owned a starlet before so pics will go up soon. Just looking a few ideas Cheers
  6. Hey just got myself a wee starlet there and was wondering were I would be able to get a glanza front bumper ?? And what wheels look well. Also any tidy mods that are good to do to these wee cars thanks
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