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  1. Hello anyone breaking a 96spec glanza got the other side plug to this plug that’s on the thermostat housing?
  2. For sale aftermarket performance inlet manifold from Dave burwash with a standard throttle body if u want it I have done a bit research as I wasn’t in the scene when dave was and read and heard he was a legend in the starlet scene and had his own company building starlets and his builds etc were one of the kind Would come up mint with a bit wire wool and autosol I have never fitted it and from the details I have found some work is required to fit i.e modding dipstick tube, throttle cable. Won’t be many of these about now and won’t come up often £400
  3. For sale civic half rad looks like a toyo sport from the writing on it yes it’s not in the best of condition bit wire wool and I clean up it would be sound but still fully working as u can see theres 2 clips from the fan that isn’t there but the other 2 still hold it on perfectly fine with no problems there’s one on top of the rad in the photo if u wanted to fit it back on otherwise u can get them new off eBay for penny’s also it will need a plug fitting which again is a few pound on eBay depending on car u fitting it to etc glanza, civic etc etc £50
  4. For sale starlet glanza water pump and alternator lightweight pulleys just been sat in my draw so might aswell let someone else use them £45
  5. Wanted oem glanza wheels anyone selling any?
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