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  1. For sale starlet glanza water pump and alternator lightweight pulleys just been sat in my draw so might aswell let someone else use them £45
  2. Wanted oem glanza wheels anyone selling any?
  3. For sale brand new cruise gear knob these are now discontinued so hard to get hold of am unsure if to sell as I might keep as a spare but £85 takes it if anyone is interested
  4. For sale hks boost gauge got receipt for it was over £100 odd pound wanting £75
  5. Yeah none stop 🙈, cheers appreciate it!! Best wheels I think by far!
  6. Hey guys It’s been a while since I have been on here and thought I meant aswell start posting again So will start off from when I last posted so I managed to get hold of a trd clock surround and a trd fuel cap I then tried my rear bumper and genuine livesports lip on to see if I fancied a change from the varis and I might get it sprayed this year I will see 👀 Jap fest last year I picked up my second front bumper 🤦‍♂️ 98spec with genuine livesports type b lip Then in June I thought I would treat myself again to private plates been wanting one for years and just could
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