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  1. Hi everyone might be a stupid question but is there any torque settings for the axle to body or just do it tight thanks
  2. Looking to upgrade the N/A starlet anyone got one not too far hopefully but will pick up
  3. Got an N/A time to upgrade to discs after rear axle an calipers
  4. Hi All Need bit of help Im swapping my n/a front brakes for glanza v ones an bought the calipers an carriers from jdm-ep ive done my measurements should be straight swap k lol ... but only thing unsure on is discs an pads i see sizes from 254-256mm an loads of different pads shapes any advise? Or links? Much appreciated Will
  5. Need urgent shes looking shabby! Cheers
  6. Hi everyone after a white glanza V or S bonnet or in black thx
  7. Really need to get it sorted thx
  8. Ep91 bonnet for either Glanza V or S Thx
  9. Need to pass MOT had exhaust welded an cat taken out need all except manifold Thx
  10. Nice thx but is it around those measurements because got one of a guy breaking a starlet on eBay and wrong size :/
  11. Smashed a while back can't find anywhere got one but not right size it's around 355mm -765mm could be wrong but not far off Thx
  12. Needed asap also after a drivers side headlight be much appreciated
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