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  1. Reviving a post from the past here, but did anyone actually make any hybrid boxes in the end or find something that could work? I just bought a mk1 mr2 c52 and put my starlet bell housing on and fitted my diff no problem but ran into some..... rough noises 5 minutes into a drive. Need to take it apart to see what's wrong but it's left me wondering if anyone actually went down this route of mixing boxes and found anything that works or doesn't work etc.
  2. Strange. I don't want to make a pot if it's just masking an issue that should be fixed. Guess I can start by taking the pump out and seeing if it sits right or whatever.
  3. Does anyone else experience any fuel starvation when cornering a little hard? If my GT has 1/4 tank of fuel or less, it doesn't like to be thrown about. I went into a roundabout earlier today and had a little bit of lift off oversteer and lost all power, AFRs read off the scale lean so I know it's starvation. I just didn't expect it to starve at 1/4 tank lol. Does anyone else have this issue? Wondering if it could be due to something else or if I should consider fabricating a swirl pot.
  4. Just an update guys. I solved the issue by getting a genuine emanage serial cable (actually came with an emanage I bought for another car) and a RS-232 (serial) to USB adaptor. Plugged them together, connected to the ECU and it logged straight up on the emanage support tool.
  5. Cheers for the replies guys. I've seen it working in videos on Windows 7 and after researching it, apparently EMU won't work on later operating systems but EMB will? I feel like the issue is probably due to the ttl converter I'm using so I've ordered a different one which I think will be more likely to work. Any other ideas whilst I'm waiting for that to arrive is highly appreciated lol.
  6. Windows 7. Software itself installs and opens up fine, just won't connect.
  7. Hiya guys and girls. I'm trying to gain access to my emanage blue unit to check the map and make some adjustments if required but I cannot get it to connect to my laptop for shit. I'm using a USB - TTL adaptor and understand that the original method was to use a serial cable etc. I've tried all variations of software and made sure I had the correct COM port initiated and selected on the software but nothing. I'm also a little unsure on how exactly the TTL USB adaptor is supposed to work. It has 3 lights on there to display power, and I'm assuming that the other two are data sent and data rec
  8. Flat head and a hammer. Really that easy? Lol! Tried and tested? Yeah I know it's not ideal asking here but really there's no way of asking anywhere without it being inconvenient and people are welcome to PM instead like I mentioned . I know I know I know. I've never lost a key before so it's never even crossed my mind to get spares. I'll check his thread cheers.
  9. aaddzz123

    Two lock sets

    As title says. For an 80 and an 82 although don't think it matters if 91.
  10. I know fuck off lol! No spares either complete dick move
  11. I've asked the local police, asked a company that have a simulator because I had a few go's on that and sent the organisers a message because they didn't answer. Nothing yet
  12. Not sure how I managed it but I lost my car keys today at a show which had my gt keys, ep80 keys and mx5 keys. I've broken into the 80 and can get into my gt too because I'm a sly sneaky snake. What are my best options for changing the ignition barrels? I know they come out by turning the key to ignition and pressing the pin but obviously I have no keys. I've heard of drilling them but I'm not sure how well that really works lol. All help appreciated. Pm me if you don't want to share your dodgy car stealing advice with the Internet lol
  13. Also to mention your gas flow will vary with what size cup you use. My best results have been with a bigger cup.
  14. From what I remember I think around 15psi for tig welding? I could be completely wrong so don't hold me to that haha! Usually you'll know if the gas is too low or high if it spits or bubbles. Remember to bevel the ends of your joints to make sure there's a nice area to sit the weld in ! Also the main problem I had with welding mild with tig was due to contamination. With mig you can pretty much go over anything and it'll be alright. Tig needs to be clean. Make sure you key all the areas you're welding and give them a wipe off with panel wipe too.
  15. Bringing back an old topic here. I didn't realise that you had to be so specific with the tolerances on bearings. I thought it was a case of they're stock, or they're oversized by 0.25mm. I've just measured my crank with a caliper because it's all I have, and they're around 46.90 on the mains and 39.90 on the biggies so I presume it's standard size. I'm willing to buy a gauge that goes into the thousands to check them properly, but then when I have a look for replacement bearings, the only options are stock, or .25 oversize lol! Example... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JDM-TAIHO-MAIN-CON-ROD-E
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