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  1. White wall tyres should be here next week ;) also keep an eye out as she'll be looking Abit differnt next week ;)
  2. Haha thanks for the kind words lads! Unfortunalty weather is terrible ATm so can't really do much to her!!
  3. No time to waste! Lol Afew jobs done! James (sennz) popped over and we gave the car a nice polish! Will be refining and waxing next week ;) anyway here's some Piks! Before After Next I decided to spray the plastic in between the grill black as it looks loads better ;) Also if you notice in the Piks the paintwork has come up loads better!!!! Shiny shiny! Next up I just had to do this, if you know, you know lol That's all for now people, comments and critism welcome..
  4. Thanks lads! Will be having a small update soon-ish! But the plan is to slam, wire wheels and white wall tyres ;) #dictator lol
  5. Haha sure is! Never thought is get something like this tbh! Plans are to give it a proper clean! Floor pans have some surface rust so sort them out. Then to slam it and get some white wall tyres ;)
  6. Hello hello hello, Afew of you might know me, I've owned a few dc2's, ek4's and pulsar basically mainly jap cars, I always wanted to venture out as we have a "66 mustang in the family and like I say I've always wanted to try something different. So I sold the pulsar and dc2 and bought a mk5 golf TDi as a daily and picked this bad boy up! Mercedes 230 1975! 79k with documented history and only 2 owners from new!!! Anyway here's some Piks Needs a full intense clean! Polish and wax etc but I was very lucky it had hardly any rust at all also! happy Days!! Comments welcome
  7. I think modded ones can be made to look the Shiz but I agree Stoxk look rather shite man I've owned a 300bhp pulsar, true not for long but still try something new lol Proving difficult to find a k20 eg so might have to go for an Ek! I love the Ek shaoe anyway tbh No offence to the starlet scene as I do rate starlets massively but don't see my owning another one
  8. Haha lol very educated comment that! Firstly dc2 voted best FWD handling car. and also as most say a k20 eg/Ek would destroy most big powered turbo cars. I've owned a good few Hondas and a few turbo cars also so speaking from experience
  9. Hmm Yup true! I know this isn't any easy question and there are so many variables but what kind of power would an s14 need to be to be equivalent to a k20 Ek/eg? For example 1/4 time etc not that it will be a 1/4 car but just for comparisons sake
  10. Also I literally just sold my 300bhp pulsar so I'm thinking the s14 may be similar in a way?
  11. Evo 4 engines are shite apparently lol I've owned 2 dc2's and they amaing tbh! But just fancy a chnage! Insuring a skyline won't be fun lol Well if push abit more for an Ek k20 lol a lot of money I know... That's what holds me back
  12. Yh tbh I am considering an s14 but the look of the rear end puts me off massively!
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