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  1. Are you interested? No. Are you going to pm me asking serious questions about it? No. So why do I have to explain myself. If you want to know more then message me. Come view it. I'll take videos and pictures of whatever you want. But I don't have to explain why I'm selling MY car to someone who just wants to get their nose in for no reason lol.
  2. Totally, I understand. I just don't think it's something that should be questioned upon the actual sale thread or whatever. Like I said, if someone is actually interested then I'm willing to tell them what they need to know and arrange a viewing date. Absolutely no problem with answering questions for genuine people and not time wasters who just want info for their own good. Thanks Matt, really appreciate that bro!
  3. On a serious note people, don't be concerned with what other people are doing. If you're interest then cool, we'll talk. If not then don't be a dick and ask questions I've said I won't reply to.
  4. How or why is it anyone's concern why I'm selling it? I put that because I've been asked about 50 times in the past 3 days. It is really that pressing to people why I am selling it lol? If you want an answer it's because I just bought 7,000 lamas and they expensive animals to maintain.
  5. Do all the people (just you at the moment), realise how pointless it is to say such a thing when the person in question when you (meaning myself) dealt with them and nothing went wrong. I'm hardly going to say - Ah yeah that guy drove about 250 miles out of his own fuel to swap wheels with me and didn't even ask for money ... But he's a real cunt. No. Because the times I've dealt with him he's been alright (see my above post to reiterate).
  6. He's actually alright despite killing someone but that a-side, I swapped my xxr's ages ago with his buddy club p1's and he drove all the way down from Manchester to my house to do the swap, no money involved. Was alright when I met him anyway. Spoke to him a couple of times on facebook and he's ok. Obviously he has scammed people as others say, but that's my experience anyway.
  7. This. Other than the time when I did go somewhere else. But for all the time I wouldn't go anywhere else, I'd always go to Bob. Been there so many times, and taken about 8 different friends to him and always got good deals because of it. Bob is the MAN. Or Bob the booster as we call him.
  8. Ex HKS Kansai team rx-7 imported in 2012. Mazda rx-7 FD3S. 1999. Twin turbo. Original colour black but now CYM yellow (engine bay still black). Stock engine completely bone stock, even stock airbox etc. C-WEST front bumper. Stuke winglets. Magnacore HT leads. BOSCHE battery. FEED AST cap. Blitz nurspec bakbox. Stripped out except for front carpet. Full weld in cage with door bars and gusseting all round. Cage is sprayed white with satin black boot floor. B&M short shifter. O.Z gear knob. New aero wipers. New OSRAM nightbreaker headlamp bulbs. Broadway interior mirror. OMP 300mm suede steering wheel. Snap off boss. 20mm steering spacer. LSD. Adjustable rear toe arms. Tein street coilovers. Drilled and grooved discs all round with upgraded pads. New black tuner bolts. Rota grid drifts 17x9j all round brand new, spotless. Brand new rear Syron Street Race tyres. Bridgestone tyres on front (will need changing extremely soon). Chassis mileage is 76,000kms, speedo has just been replaced but backed up by first MOT. Only paper work I have is of MOT and logbook. So don't ask. Engine is of unknown rebuild history, starts hot and cold first time. Interior is a bit rough as you would expect from installation around a cage. Mainly around the door cards. Registered as 1300cc on the log book so cheaper tax. MOT expiry 09/2015. Have got rear seats etc to be included (though with the cage no one will be able to sit in them). Unfortunately no rear plastics as they were butchered so I threw them out as they were in a bad way. Also to be included if my sale price is met are 17x8 wheels that the car came on, nothing special but do have brand new tyres all round! Also a brand new never fitted still in box Walbro 255 fuel pump, and lastly a rare Knightsport ecu. £7.500. My car, my price. PLEASE NOTE - I know I'm going to get LOADS of people messaging me/commenting about selling it, and asking why so soon etc. Personal reasons mean i am selling. So, PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME ASKING WHY I AM SELLING, i don't care who it is, i can't be fucked with the conversation and I won't reply, so just don't bother. NO time wasters, dreamers or tyre kickers. If you don't have the money DO NOT show an interest. Do not message me saying "I'll let you know". I'm not waiting til the end of the month when you get paid or whatever, talk to me when you have the money. (I say this, as I've had my fair share of fucking idiots when breaking the Glanza). First to see will buy. Pictures: As below. (Bumper looks a different colour in the pic below. It's not, it's just my phone/lighting). Will update with more pictures during the week once I've cleaned, polished, clay barred, waxed and sealed it. Contact Details: PM on here. Facebook - Rob Ebbs. Or TEXT 07718495553.
  9. Sorry mate I should have stated, yes it's a rear disc! Pretty sure so man, not 100% but I reckon so
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