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  1. Kate

    TD04 Turbo

    I've messaged you :)
  2. Kate

    TD04 Turbo

    In desperate need of a TD04 turbo. Need a decent one. Anyone out there with one for sale?
  3. Cheers for the replies guys, finally managed to get it sorted at like 10 at night! The settings we had on the ECU were always right it was the existing car wiring causing us issues, a previous owner must of had a piggyback ECU in the past and wired it in badly. Out mapping guys wouldn't give up and went through the complete wiring to find what the hell was going on. Got it going and they put a base map in but now looks like we've got an issue with the turbo as when they asked us to out our foot down whilst starting to map it they noticed it would smoke heavily when booted and there was oi
  4. Getting my EP91 mapped and we're having real problems. When you plug the ECU in the RPM is through the roof on the software however the car idles and run fine. Can anyone reference the rotary switch settings as we can't find anything in the Emanage blue website, we've 2 4 1 2 4 2 and 2 4 0, it's on ty1. Also has anyone got any info on what the jumpers on the board should be set to? All of this is from our tuner so I might not me much sense of it. Cheers in advance
  5. Maybe. Lol I love the colour though lol x
  6. Thank you. They are so so nice.
  7. Do you have your oil filter in normal place? I just don't seem to have enough room with the sandwich plate for the oil gauges.
  8. I did think about that but decided against it as knowing my luck I'd fuck something up. They say it allows more shit into turbo or something x
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