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  1. Is it full engine hose kit?
  2. Hello, I’m after some Livesport bits for ep91 • Livesport side skirts • Livesport Rear lip anyone aware of anything lying up please let me know! will take damaged parts
  3. Looking for: td04L ideally hybrid can be standard which fuel pump to choose have seen one on eBay KEMSO 340LPH with lifetime warranty and looking for opinions looking for a boost controller also which allows you to choose boosted from minimum 0.5bar as car will be mapped to 1 bar as it’s a non forged build. Any recommendations about fuel pump and boost controller I’m happy to hear cheers folks
  4. I have one although has a bit of shaft play mate
  5. Cheers mate but Simon decided to ignore my message twice already, not really nice. Hoping someone here may have one for sale
  6. Hi everyone Im looking to find Livesport type B front lip for 98 spec bumper. Anyone that knows of someone selling or lying up please give me a shout. Many thanks lads
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