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  1. 🥲 Here for the memories. Anyone know where this is now and what condition it’s in?
  2. Spotted yesterday whilst out on a cycle. Making a lot of noise. Made me miss everything about these cars 😂❤️
  3. Had 3 of these on my first ever Glanza. They look and suit a starlet perfectly imo. Was always looking for a 4th wheel but could never ever find them. Good price at 100 a corner too. GLWS
  4. Does anyone have a stand pass I could have for a friend? Thanks in advance
  5. By any chance, could I have your stand pass for a friend if you are no longer attending?
  6. Will be attending JF2 and be on our stand in this at the weekend. Be good to meet new faces and catch up with the old members.
  7. Hey man how's it going! Long time, how's the S13 you got? I'm sure it was a 13 ..
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