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  1. I'm good ta...Nah, Sold that years ago now, mate. What you got now?
  2. Ok, thanks a lot people. That's helped. Hi, Adam... Just about. Haven't seen you for a while, hah. How are you doing? What's the news?
  3. Thanks guys. But, who is "they"? Would that be the MOT place, or the insurance company or what who check it after it's been repaired? Then I get the VIC from them which enables me to insure it? And to clarify, people here have insured Cat C write off cars?
  4. Hi, all. I have been offered a damaged car basically for free. It has a small side impact but has been classed as a Cat C write off. Now I know nothing about this, but I don't have much time to research it all. If I was to take the car, I assume it pushes the insurance up, if they insure it at all? I have to get it Re-MOT'd I assume. Is it possible to take the car and actually be able to drive it legally. The damage is only exterior rear panel. It drives fine. It'sa actually a great car otherwise, I could do with it. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Phil. We will meet some day my friend, and it will be a good laugh I'm certain. Thanks for all the great comments, and if and when I'm removed, mourn and remember me! Hah. Thanks for all the good times, meets and weird nutters that we've banned!
  6. Hi. I haven't been on much for a year or so either. I've had lots of personal events occurring too; I don't like everyone to know my business, so I can only offer resignation of Moderator position again to maybe have it for someone more useful. I don't think most of the members would recognise some our names, and we all have to move on. I tried to stick here as long as I could as I didn't want to just leave when I sold the car! I wouldn't donate or pay, which I have reasons for too (nothing to do with UKSC.) Although, that's not to say I that I don't think it's worth it. I'm pretty sure the j
  7. I see a ToyTuning sticker. Now there's a sight from the past.
  8. He added his company FB to mine ages ago. I deleted it a year or so ago. You never can predict these things. Bad news.
  9. I nice swim on the way to work.
  10. Thanks. I'm looking forward to them. I guess you can modify them too?
  11. Can you still get guns even if you're not the gun expert woman?
  12. I wish I picked the bird with the guns. I can't be bothered to restart now. I picked the sword woman. Probably the worst one!
  13. I got this today. Played about an hour, it seems pretty boring actually. Hope it gets better.
  14. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaceycdpix/5838824638/
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