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  1. Aha hahahahah well well well...... Not at all laughing at your circumstances mate as it's extremely shit and I feel for you but after all the apparent good feedback from those that slated work done by one other certain company, it does make one chuckle a bit
  2. I used an n/a manual on an fte Don't see why an auto box shouldn't work
  3. My apexi had an apexi stamp/tag on the back box....
  4. mattyD

    upgraded cams

    I have a set but they have a tiny bit of wear on each lobe, I'll send you a picture if your interested? Would be cheap though.....well for a set of cams
  5. I wouldn't so much....look at results 3 and 4......same boost same mapper one has a much bigger turbo than the other and yet the one with an apparent smaller turbo makes more power....
  6. We all know what the fucking problem is here.......jheeeeeeezeeeeee haha
  7. They don't look like they have the extra 20 mm in the arch...
  8. They are brittle mind, so if your thinking of going low and wide you may want to get the inside of the arch taken off a bit so the wheels don't catch like mine did
  9. mattyD

    Brake fade on V

    If you stay on standard glanza breaks get mintex 1144 of ferodo ds500 or something! (Forget the exact name) far better than ebc
  10. How can you be looking for something that you don't know what it looks like?
  11. mattyD


    Text him but no reply so guess it's not getting resolved as it stands!
  12. Pretty arrogant guys, one of them was ok......the work is alright, people rave about them cuz there isn't much else about. I had a cat back made by them and to be fair, lasted a fair bit before I changed it. They also took the piss out the racetech system I had which I didn't think looked to bad.....each to there own....
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