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  1. Hi all, I've notice in the past few days that my wipers seem to be getting stuck on my aerial causing them to stop working. They seem to be over extending and sitting on the scuttle pannel and the occasionally (although getting more regular) getting stuck on my aerial. Any ideas on what it could be or has this happened to anyone before?
  2. I'm from Inverness as well. There is quite a few kicking around. There are 6 glanza's and 2 GTs around that I know of now. Silver one is my current one and the white one is my old car which is still around Inverness.
  3. I had the same timer in my last glanza and the HKS loom fitted and worked perfect.
  4. Kazi

    Rear Calipers needed

    £215 and that includes new pad carriers as well. About £50 cheaper than ID workz
  5. Kazi

    Rear Calipers needed

    bought a rebuild kit to do the old one up when I’ve got time and bought a new one from Toyota. Surprised how cheap it was tbh
  6. Where can I get an OSR caliper asap that isn't going to cost me an absolute fortune? Or Is anyone breaking a glanza around Inverness area??
  7. Kazi

    Glanza discs/Pads

    Glanza front / rear discs and pads question; Do Uk spec 1.3 NA have the same front/rear discs & pads as glanza V? Or does anyone have part numbers (IE Pagid) for some? For standard car so no need for uprated stuffs Been a good few years since owning one of these things and memory is fuzzy but i see to remember that Paseo fronts are the same. Really needing to get all of the changed soon. TIA
  8. Think I’ll order both and do it over Xmas while I have time off
  9. No noises on full lock, only when you are traveling straight doing 60-70 mph. Lane changes for example doesn’t make it any more or less notable. I know from experience that the checks on wheels bearings aren’t always conclusive but if it was a bearing wouldn’t it make a constant sound and the increase / decrease in accordance with the speed you are doing?
  10. From research I would say they are. Ill have a look at them also. TD are listing a 23/30 & 23/23 What is this numbering for? Is it to do with tooth gearing for the ABS? If so what would be the size for a 97 model?
  11. past day or so i've been getting what can only be described as a howling noise coming from my drivers front wheel and I'm putting this down to the outer CV joint. There is no movement in the wheel when its jacked up so its not a bearing (I don't think anyway), Question is where are folks getting CV joints for a glanza with ABS from or does anyone have a Part number for one that i can take to the local motor factors as i get a really good rate on parts. TIA Kazi
  12. Kazi

    Back again!

    That’s why young kids shouldn’t have nice cars skinny! Fucked a good one so he did! google search shows its Laguna indeed. Must have been a facelift version. My last one was split down the middle as well.
  13. Kazi

    Back again!

    yeh mind that one. was talking to him about it. was a lovely looking motor for not very much! Thanks dude. I'm not 100% sure what it is. I had a Laguna one on my paseo a few years ago and it does look similar but this one fits the glanza bumper really well. will need to get under the car and see how its fitted.
  14. Kazi

    Back again!

    Was that the red one he had?
  15. Kazi

    Back again!

    Nut lol looked at a few but they were absolutely hanging and prices are all over the shop. I’ll wait until I get more workshop space and get myself a project one. Either that or sell the 86 and get one but tbh, when I got my first Glanza after my last GT4 I preferred the Glanza more. Either way I’m currently happy lol
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