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  1. Them centres are pretty sick as well buttt I think the confetti has that 90s car look - tough choice 😂 Yeah I'm needing to use mine not really used him much since I've owned it
  2. Love the confetti recaros and it's awesome to see something so clean still being used mate hope it's had plenty baths lol
  3. The front screen actually doesn't have a mark on it and thankfully the rear windows and boot window came out ok, decided to completely flush the bootlid, lock and rear wiper gone - only thing rubber wise is the roof runners managed to find two as mines are tired and look tatty Made a new splitter for the car to plenty more updates coming this year as I've got all genuine White face Defis to go in him And cheers Tyler can't wait to get him out in the sun to appreciate the paint
  4. You are to blame but it'll be damn near perfect when completed take a nosey at the build thread when you're passing
  5. One of the tidiest glanzas ever this project made me fully paint mine 😎
  6. Looking good mate! Amazing what a set of wheels can do Keep us updated
  7. Carbon fibre footplate for the drivers side of Gary, floor was like skating on ice before!
  8. Will do mate soon as we get the doors etc back on and all the carbon bolted up I'll have more photos
  9. Mega build mate credit to you!! Love the brakes and details 💓
  10. Forgot I had this under my bed so dug it out opened the wrapper and here it is, Hopefully if I bend my mates arm enough we can get this mocked up and fitted
  11. Looking good Mike! Can't wait to see it running
  12. Best to have a hunt about but same as always "You get what you pay for"
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