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  1. Trial fitted the toms wheels and to be honest I don't know if it's cause I've seen him far to much on white but might be different when I get all 4 on and not 2 What you guys think
  2. Looks the business mate love the advans
  3. Freshly refurbed NA-Rs opted for Toyo R1R and new toms decals and original centre caps to go on to Photos tomorrow of them trial fitted
  4. Same as me mate love seeing what everyone's creating!
  5. Yes mate glanza kind of took over 😂😂 it's nearly finished to me enjoy it and in a couple of years build an engine up... Few times I'd see the car it was sickening me but I think it turned out pretty good even if it was a bit obsessive lol
  6. Looks awesome from the front and some good progress being made Really like this glanza keep it up
  7. Project is coming on great! 3" exhaust is the one it'll sound the balls! Keep us all updated nice to see another one being pampered
  8. Loving this project will be some screamer when you get there, nice to see you doing the work yourself keep at it
  9. Cool project mate some snail on it lol Keep the updates coming
  10. Progress is progress wings are cool mate and good work on the indicator fitment Keep it up
  11. Specification Update 5-7-20 Exterior: Genuine Varis bonnet - Carbon Genuine Varis rear bumper Varis rep front bumper Genuine Toyota 97 fogs reinstalled with osram nightbreakers Cruise carbon wings from Fiske Jam carbon skirts from Fiske Livesport carbon spoiler from Fiske Carbon fibre number plate surround from Fiske Custom splitter remade and bolted to chassis Bootlid smoothed All Glanza decals put back on in black/gold Rear arches rolled and sealed Gloss black mirror/bases Gloss black handles Pearl white wiper ar
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