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  1. @Sam44 thanks for the response man. I look forward to any feed back you can give me. I will hold off on purchasing it till you respond. Almost said f it and spent the $200 for R & D
  2. Bump bump .... anyone have any idea??
  3. @Sam44 any idea if it will bolt up? there is a video bellow of the exact base and rails i want to use
  4. Hey guys I own a 93 gt in the caribbean and have been gathering parts and cleaning up the interior to pretty much bring the car to as new looking as possible. In doing so I got me some very nice bride seats with out rails. Unfortunately living in the caribbeam means sourcing starlet specific parts is very difficult and more so hella expensive to ship. I have found a company in the states making premium rails and wanted to know if the mr2 rails would bolt up to the gt with minor adjustments and finessing. If I can get 3 bolts in don't mind fabbing the 4th into place. Someone must
  5. wow wow wow wow wow... thats all i can say.... if only i lived in the uk .... sigh
  6. Hey buddy want to ask you some questions about the front bumper on here ... you still on the forum
  7. This is a great idea. I like to see that this site still has great people on it. Im here in the Caribbean hearing the all thats taking place in the uk and worry for my sister. Any way as stated above there are some nice builds happening, so there should be a lot to keep those not working on their car occupied. Ill update mine as well, as I to have stuff happening currently.
  8. are they the amber ones for the quad lights or the clear ones for the square lights?
  9. Can you take more pics of the heko Wind deflectors fitted I've always been really skeptical about purchasing
  10. Hey rob do you by chance no the bc part numbers needed for both the exhaust and the intake bc valves? and may be the retainers while we are at it?
  11. Hey guys I know this has probably been covered already but I can't find the answer. I'm looking to replace the valves, springs and retainers on my 4efte head... I know that the BC retainer number needed is BC2320 however that retainer is associated with the 4AGE valve kit.. Is it safe to assume the valves for the engines are the same? That's the bc retainers in a 4efte head
  12. do you still have the non glow badge plastic on the trunk if so I WANT WANT WANT
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