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  1. are they the amber ones for the quad lights or the clear ones for the square lights?
  2. Can you take more pics of the heko Wind deflectors fitted I've always been really skeptical about purchasing
  3. Hey rob do you by chance no the bc part numbers needed for both the exhaust and the intake bc valves? and may be the retainers while we are at it?
  4. Hey guys I know this has probably been covered already but I can't find the answer. I'm looking to replace the valves, springs and retainers on my 4efte head... I know that the BC retainer number needed is BC2320 however that retainer is associated with the 4AGE valve kit.. Is it safe to assume the valves for the engines are the same? That's the bc retainers in a 4efte head
  5. do you still have the non glow badge plastic on the trunk if so I WANT WANT WANT
  6. hey mate i know its been quite some time but do u have pics of this finished and painted im contemplating doing the same thing but with an eg lip instead of an ek
  7. Has anyone in here ever run an ats dif getting a silly discount on one for the starlet as they messed up another order of ours and i want to know if it's worth my time over the cusco and kaaz... and please hurry with responses need to purchase before weekend
  8. by chance do you have the glow panel for the trunk available?
  9. yup im looking for an 82 front splitter im not a fan of any of the whole bumpers
  10. looking for a live sports front splitter in any condition i doh give a shit if its coming in 3 pieces... ep82 2nd generation bumper preferably the one with the slits in it talk to me people what ya have
  11. o good lord..... please heat shrink the wires pleaseeeeee... that tape job is hurting my ocd soul
  12. Does anyone know if by any chance lexus is300/alteza wing mirrors fit on an ep82 ?
  13. rasslenny

    Window controls

    Hey guys I'm looking for a drivers side window control unit... What you guys have for me
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