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  1. Thanks mate! Yeah when this shit is over we should meet up!
  2. Is het ergens ook niet waard naar mijn idee. Het Nederlandse forum is aardig dood gebloed in de loop der jaren. Bedankt, ben ook nog steeds blij met de velgen. Mocht je interesse hebben kan ik misschien wat oude foto's en informatie vragen over je Glanza.. En zoals altijd weer mooie vooruitgang, de lekkages zijn wat minder maar dat is gelukkig redelijk makkelijk op te lossen.
  3. Leuke topic zo! Ik was bevriend met de eerste eigenaar van je glanza en ik heb de velgen die op de foto's staan van Wangan Warriors. Was toen der tijd een zeer bekende en snelle Glanza zowel op de openbare weg en het circuit.
  4. Thanks! I got the turbo via Japan. I got it for around 700euro, wich sounds alot but the dealer here is asking around the 2000mark. Cheers mate, glad you like them aswell!
  5. Small update in the last few months. I made some progress and fitted the bushes in the rear axle. Did the timing belt and a new fuel filter. in the last year i felt the car was lacking more and more power. saw that boost was coming on later and when it hit full boost it peaked like crazy. so i fitted a boost controller wich helped for the time being. Tested it on the street and ofcourse on the Nurburgring. Next up was paint, the left door was sleightly out of color and the left fender had a little crack. And the final thing i did was fitting a brand new turbo. The
  6. Cheers mate! My fastest time on the Nordschleife is now 9:44 BTG, there is room for improvement but for now i’m a happy camper. Its sad indeed to see the paint fall off so soon hahaha.
  7. Not really a big update. Between al the ring trips i did some things with the car. i fitted a WEPR manifold and downpipe, a JAM ecu , genuine LIVESPORT front fenders , polybush the engine mounts and powerflex all bushes underneath the car. ill just put some pics up and a new video, hope you guys like it.
  8. Nothing really to update.. Been enjoying the car and tracking it on the Nurburgring. Got a laptimer installed on my phone (harry's laptimer) and did a 9.57 BTG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdwmkeVuNeM&t=531s
  9. I got this... so what can i do now??
  10. Can somebody help me? want to renew my membership but it wont let me... last one said expired but i cant do anything... Am i doing something wrong??
  11. Bought a Glanza magazine beginning this week and already have it here (Netherlands) really quick and straight to the point. very happy and would buy again!
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