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  1. Wareham mate , I’ve had this one nearly a year I’ve had a few before. Picking up an engine Sunday to forge 🤪
  2. Anyone still active from around Dorset area?
  3. Spotted a black glanza near longham bridge Dorset
  4. Spotted a really nice looking silver glanza in Ferndown Dorset , anyone on here ?
  5. Yo Burt, I’m from the Poole area , haven’t seen this black mk3 though!
  6. I had to change jobs and was putting £100 a week of fuel in my Subaru , I’m also trying to save for a mortgage with my girlfriend , so I decided I had to get something cheaper to run. I went with the starlet again as I remember them being great fun! And you hardly ever see another one. I’ve always loved the starlets , the first car I ever drove was a glanza v and I instantly wanted one now this is my second one haha
  7. Hello people ! I’m back after a couple years away from the starlets , I used to own a fully forged 289 bhp glanza v. which I sold to buy an Impreza , I’ve just sold the Impreza and I’m now back in a starlet. I picked her up this weekend from Barnsley and traveled back to Bournemouth in her with no problems at all ! Can’t wait to start playing around again i believe a lad from this forum used to own it “Tom Selby”. She’s great nick and pretty good fun running roughly 185 bhp :) which is a bit of a change from the 350bhp in the Impreza. I’m hoping to attend a few shows this year so would be great to meet a few of you! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled ! anyone on here from around the Bournemouth area ? ( South west )
  8. Hello mate this still for sale ? where abouts are you based ?
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