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  1. Apart from giving it a good wash and putting some new wipers on her I think it's ready for an MOT.
  2. Toyota numberplate surround and new number plate for front bumper, originally would have mounted number plate lower but this covers the holes where the old number plate was screwed into. Can flip bracket round once the bodywork is sorted if I want to.
  3. Not the greatest achievement ever made but it's off the axle stands for the first time in probably a year. Runs and drives and has some braking but will need bled again.
  4. I'm not sure if I'm being silly or the size is weird, I went to my local fitting place and the closest one we found was I think an M14 metric fine but it's just ever so slightly too big. I think I'll visit the Toyota dealership and see how much they are. The reason I was looking elsewhere is the bolts that were fitted don't have a long enough unthreaded section to cover the entire length of the mounting hole of the shock absorber. It's obviously fine as it never caused any issues before so I'll see what I can get from Toyota.
  5. I don't suppose anyone knows the size of the bolts that bolt the shock absorber to the hub? I'm needing new ones but struggling to find what the size is.
  6. So finally got my levin twinpots installed. That's the last of the big stuff that needed doing, now it's a case of all the little things that shouldn't take too long and it will be ready for it's MOT. I just want it back on the road now so I can actually drive it for a bit so I'm not fussed on how it looks as long as it runs well. Hopefully be getting a new house with a decent garage soon so I can revisit everything in a couple of years if I'm still interested in it and get the shell resprayed etc.
  7. I'm now ready to fit my calipers and I've lost some of the anti rattle clips that hold the brake pads. Can anyone point me in the direction of some new ones?
  8. Cheers mate, thanks for the reply. I managed to find a thread on here which I got the part number off of but good to be confirmed. Thanks again.
  9. That's brill news that theres nay damage, actually looks a cracking wee motor. Well jelly haha although I've got enough on my plate with my own glanza.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Repair-Kit-brake-caliper-A-B-S-73184/153308462346?epid=1382968389&hash=item23b1e57d0a:g:jDMAAOSwWrNcGMvX I think this is the right part
  11. Hey all, trying to build up the set of levin calipers I have. I've managed to build one side fine but with all the faffing I've done to try and get the dust cover over the piston I've ripped one of the dust covers. I bought the levin calipers stripped and with the rebuild kits so I don't know where to get replacements, would mr2 ones fit? Like these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FRONT-Brake-Caliper-Repair-Kit-axle-set-for-Toyota-MR-2-SW20-1989-2000-3617/272245551482?hash=item3f6319717a
  12. I'm a bellend so my fabrication skills are shite, wasn't happy with how the rad was mounted so I made a piece out of stainless for the bottom of the rad and drilled the holes in the wrong location so ended up having to cut it up to make two pieces. Anyway good news is the rad is mounted, hooked the pipe work up and filled it with toyota coolant. Bolted the exhaust up, fucked that up too but it's secure and looks fine and cranked her over for the first time in probably 8 or more months and she fired right up without any issues so that has made me happy. Also fitted a new lambda sensor, hopefully I wired it to the right plug. All in all a good day, just need to build my levin calipers and fit them and a few small jobs and she'll be back on the road hopefully. Also got my hands on a voice guide turbo timer and have it fitted now.
  13. Made a custom centre section so that my manifold bolts up to the rest of the japspeed system I've got. Will probably revisit the exhaust system at some point. Made a gear gaiter as the old one was a mess, haven't clipped it properly in place yet as I think I'll need to remove the centre console soon.
  14. I seen this was up for breaking on facebook, glad someone bought it and isn't planning on just stripping it down for parts. Makes a change, good luck. Hopefully doesn't take too long to get back on the road.
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