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  1. Anyone have a part no.?
  2. Cheers Any idea what they charge in need 2. read a post not long ago saying they were discontinued
  3. Looking for a good condition glanza front grill badge. Cheers
  4. Aww is that how I do it havent been able to figure it out. Will do mate cheers
  5. Ep85 coming up for sale if anyone's interested? Standard apart from coilovers. Cheers Jord
  6. Anyone know what make of wheels these are and possibly where to find replacement centre caps? Cheers in advance
  7. Newest one to the collection. Cheers jim
  8. Hi guys Anyone else done this since? And did you do it matty? Any pics would be great ive got a set of impreza seats in just now but want to fit the ignis recaros. Cheers Jord
  9. Hi guys Can anyone help me out with part no. For kyb g exel shocks for front of my 1996 glanza v. Thanks for any help in advance
  10. I've got 2. I'm in Inverness theirs a few boys kicking about here as well. only see them now and again tho . Used to be a few boys further north as well not seen them in a while.
  11. Quality mate ye I've passed you in my ep85 one or twice now to never seen your reply until tonight lol. I also drive silver glanza
  12. Silver glanza black roof spotted twice in 2 days. Monday passed kilcoy and Tuesday in Beauly. Dumper sounds sweet
  13. I think your right mate good effort lol just read all 5 pages of his build lovely motor
  14. Beeped horn at me while filling ep85 with screen wash at Co op petrol station Aberdeen in his car which was towing a gun metal grey glanza on a trailer
  15. I need one of these in my life count me in
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