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  1. Can't believe no one knows where my old wagon is at. I believe it's still in Scotland, it was about 3-4 years ago it was last spotted.
  2. Pearl isn't that rare. Seen quite a few go through auction before I bought mine. Thanks for the comments folks. Report on my track day coming in a few days. Trying to put the media together for it.
  3. Cheers for the welcome backs I've stuck my head in from time to time, just not posted. I sometimes consider scratching the itch and getting another Glanza and building a little track car.
  4. How goes it, just was a random check on the car after seeing my a few up at DynaTune recently. Hope your well bud. It got sold (see my new Project thread I just created) A little but I sold it over 10 years ago..... So its hard to remember now as I'm old ;) I realised I bought it 14 years ago now
  5. It's been a long time since I posted on here.... so ever since the last post in this thread: http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/59818-rubixs-nissan-180sx-aka-the-bastard-car/ I drove the car for another month and then sold it. I ended up being up for redundancy at work and I needed to make a tough choice. It was a blessing in disguise though as the car was a pain in the dick for most of my ownership. A few months later I was in a new (better) job and found out I was gonna be a daddy. So it was grown up time some diesel estates to chew miles..... then last year another change of job meant I was 3 miles to commute and I could once again get something fun. After much head scratching and test driving I decided on a JXZ100. I used Japanese Used Cars and brought the car over myself. Was actually a piss easy process and would do it again. Anyway, less babble, more pics!! This was the auction shots from JUC Its was a pretty stock 2001 car which is what I was looking for. I wanted a nice clean base to start from and enjoy. I had been ordering some bits and pieces in prep for its arrival but held off on anymore bits until I got it here due to all the taxes, an alarm and a service. So we have my new private plate, a 1080p Dashcam and a 350mm Nardi Deep Corn wheel And besides the needless dress up bits I have used my sensible head somewhat and ordered a bunch of OEM parts from Toyota to give the car a serious service upon arrival. I acutally managed to save over £200 buying all of this from NZ! I then got some photos before it went on the boat: As you can see from above, the engine is pretty much stock (with OEM Air Box ). The car finally arrived after a long wait. I got it brought up to my mate's garage (PLUG http://dynatune.co.uk/ PLUG) Have some bits and pieces to do so I can get it road legal as it arrived with some very bald rear tyres LOL. Also, its ****ing loud as your'll see by the exhaust pics below. Also, need to sort out some body work issues. Some I thought were less major but body work is not the worse thing in the world. Did a quick compression test and it looks all good, possibly sticky valve but will know soon enough. Also found its got some Tein Flex coilovers Got mods sitting ready to go in too... some Evo 7/8 Recaros So my mate Jamie kindly offered to come help clean the Chaser for me to save me the cost of getting it detailed. Top Man!:thumbs: So we started with a wee foam bath: Then actually started to try and wipe of the 3 months of dock and sea air shit. This was the best 50/50 shot I could get of the bonnet Then we had no more photos till the end where Jamie Iron Ex'd it and then we gave it a seal and was, I think... but anyway... on with the finished pics: Mega happy with how the paint has turned out! The car was then road legal and after a few months of driving about I noticed some clunks and bumps which meant more spending... This should tighten up the rear end of the car and stop it clunking about as much. Also here is a nice pic showing Ayrshire at its best: So in between then and April this year I got married and went to Canada and NYC for honeymoon so cash was tight. As soon as I got home I went crazy... I got a full Turbo Back custom exhaust made up with a droop tailpipe to bring the noise level down. The other system was just horrid and not good to have my daughter in. I also replaced the Tein coilovers as they were worn, new BC's went on and transformed the car. I finally fitted the Evo 8 Recaros: I had been curious to know how much boost the car was running due to the turbo not really taking more than 1Bar, I've been happy to find out it's pushing a comfortable 0.9Bar highlighted by my new STACK gauge I have new brake pads coming too, just going StopTech on the OEM setup as I plan on upgrading to Supra TT stuff next year. Also, since the car arrived I've had an issue with my headlights being cloudy. I was scared to do it myself but decided to man up so after a rub down with 600, then 1000, then 1500, then 2000 wet and dry and then a finish off with G3 polish and a UV protective sealant.... You'll notice the missing fog lights, these were taken out to do the same, but they are beyond repair IMO, so I'll buy some more from Yahoo! auctions in the coming months. So roll on the Monster Unit track night at Knockhill where we'll see how boat like it really is
  6. Hey guys/gals, Randomly I checked to see if my old Glanza was dead or alive (via DVLA). Turns out its MOTd & Taxed and it got me thinking, where is it now, what mods, what power etc etc. Anyone on here know the car? 1996 White Glanza V Reg No: P795 WOS Last seen like this:
  7. My advice is if you get paid Monthly/Weekly, get your bank to suck as much as you can afford into another account on the day you are paid. Which you need to give notice of withdrawl. Don't look at its balance and only work off your current account. I've not got £5k in my main savings account thanks to this approach. I am shit at not spending money, it burns a hole in my pocket hence I take it away from me.
  8. Hydro cars are the future.... electric will never become efficient enough.
  9. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH AH AHA AHA HA AHHA HA HA HA Aye crack on son.... they have xray machines for a reason... they can't do that to an adult at an airport what gives them the right to do that... you've been fed some interesting BS.
  10. The issue is, how do you know you have the right guy....and if your that sure you have the right guy to justify torture, why is there any need to for it? I don't disagree that laws can sometimes tie your arms behind your back when you know a little persuasion goes along way.
  11. So in roughly 10 hours of asking about going on about a Subaru turbo to beat your mates EP3 you then claim your car is 250hp... if you can't beat him just now there is a problem. What turbo does your car just now, who mapped it and what other supporting mods have you got?
  12. Looks good mate. Hope its what your looking for.
  13. Because of the above bump I got to laugh at this post some more.... For all those arguing back about the GTR being faster.... why is the Glanza only "quicker" in only one possible scenario... just because it might be quicker then doesn't give it merit. Christ, thats like saying give me a 50 yard rolling start on Usain Bolt and I'll beat him doesn't mean shit, that dude is still faster! Everyone bangs on about power to weight, Aerodynamics come into play alot sooner than you think, 100mph easy, which sorry to say socks, isn't "silly speeds" by a long shot.
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