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  1. Hi folks, hope everyone is well, haven't been on the forum for quite a while now, everything seems different! But I am on the lookout for a project glanza, if this isn't allowed please remove, I tried to post in wanted but I'm not allowed it seems, anyway, if anyone has one they want to part with, something needing work, send me a message on here, many thanks, Kavan 👍
  2. Damn, too early for me or I'd be interested, glwts I can't imagine it will sit as it doesn't sound like too big an issue!
  3. 4k miles seems huge money but a collector will snap that up I'd imagine
  4. I got my first one as my first car (yup, I was one of those guys) loved it, ran into trouble getting a log book sorted and had to sell, ended up buying a mk4 golf, good reliable car, very boring, so I sold it and got another, then a new job meant bigger miles and I couldn't afford to have 2 cars on the road and had to sell, got a little saxo (I know, bit different but did the job haha) later down the line I wanted another and a friend had one that was just sitting with no test and needing a good bit of work, so I did a deal and fixed it up, again loved it, but I ended up selling it too for som
  5. DAAAAAAAAAAMMMMNNNNNNNN DANIEL!!!!! Sounds amazing buddy 😍😍😍😍
  6. I still don't understand how you still own these :/ i think its a sign that you need to keep them and put them to use bud
  7. Nice to see the life getting pumped into her again, dirty rats everywhere pal, what part of the country you from? If you still have that turbo timer installed (you know the weird one below the steering column) that could be the reason they didn't get it going, could be an alarm type thing as well, never did find out what the story was with it lol glad you got it back tho laddy!
  8. Any application forms for your work? Hahaha that garage looks mega! Looks like a very clean v aswell bud, health to enjoy!
  9. Haven't been on in a while but had a nice read through the updates there, glad to see your tackling each problem head on, still waiting to hear the soundtrack
  10. This makes me happy, good man for not breaking hope someone buys it soon and enjoys it, awesome car! This makes me happy, good man for not breaking hope someone buys it soon and enjoys it, awesome car!
  11. It's one of my favorites and I think it's down to how well it wears them wheels, stunning car! Just don't break it
  12. Good lord an rx7 I'm drooling all over the place here haha what sort of spec is on that wee beauty? V is stunning aswell bud 👍👍👍👍👍
  13. Aye get a battery in and see what happens! Yeah I am indeed, but I had the wee car brought up from the south then i ended up selling to another guy in Coleraine who had it for quite a long time, he did a lot of the work to it pal
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