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  1. After a glanza oem leather shift knob in good condition. Money waiting. Pm me
  2. Glad it was received ok buddy. Pleasure to deal with
  3. Thanks jonny. I feel very lucky to own it as it has turned out to be a great little car
  4. I have a set here in it's original packaging. All unused and never fitted. Pm me
  5. 40mm lowering springs wanted for the gi so have to be the p8s (89-96). Pm me
  6. I have a good c52 box here idrees. Recently rebuilt.
  7. Gave the underside of the bonnet a good clean and replaced the washer jet piping. Well worth the effort
  8. The car has just flew through its mot and is now taxed and ready to go. This is why i love Toyotas. Reliable as hell!
  9. They were 15x7. Advans usually only come in 6.5j that's what made these a rare wheel. The grip wasn't amazing at speed but i did the car up for looks more than performance
  10. Nice to see another 199 silver 82 looks great buddy
  11. New thermostat fitted. Fully flushed the radiator and block. Cleaned the thermostat housing the best i could.
  12. Had a couple of hours spare after work so i decided to take a look at the condition of the thermostat. It's safe to say I'll be replacing it as well as cleaning up the housing.
  13. I hope to bring it to jae Matt. I'll find out tomorrow if i can have it off then I'll book my tickets
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