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  1. As above
  2. As title happy to pickup
  3. Will be weighing up my options over the next week, need to stop and figure out what I'm doing I have been pushing something I need more time to complete. Thank you Padders for offering the help and to rest of you with all your feedback. won't give up her! Namaste Joe
  4. Yeah 2 f ups in a row. I guess I just really wanna see it myself, experience what it was to do that, and forever know that part of your car. But I can venture beyond my knowledge/ability and stuff like that happens. Yeah bathroom silicon.. something did tell me I shouldn't but I couldn't understand why. + I had read on some pistonheads thread it was the "ok" thing.
  5. So I don't want this thread to become a fail thread of all the stupid things i'v done to my car, which I can't deny it entirely isn't. Im sure most of you these kinda things probably are elementary. Too much silicon, left it 24hr to set before torquing but was still liquid, dispite looking the part from the outside after a couple bolts at 8nm it was everywhere where it shouldn't. Well off to go learn myself, enjoy. (Probably just a beer tho)
  6. Thanks for all the good advice bottom end back on for meanwhile. Till bearings come and new rod comes
  7. I guess I hadn't... Any pinches of salt were still a under seasoned wrench operator. Thinking I'm going just remove rod check for damage clean up surfaces and replace bearings. Heres some more Picts of stuff I've done/ stuff I've collected: PS thanks idrees for the fujitsubo fits a dream
  8. What does UKSO think do I drive? I'm thinking it looks worse than it is. I'm happy I took the sump of tho was a lot of swarf in there kinda disappointed in MCM: how to turbo. drilling sump without dropping, I wouldn't recommend even if I hadn't hit my rod I would had swarf in there can't be good. Maybe some more would have come out with running a lot of oil through but not worth IMO.
  9. Well I guess that clears up any hard dessions
  10. Well I guess it's time too spill the beans. This is now a turbo conversion thread. So I've been collecting parts over the last couple of months got a ct9 turbo, emanage blue fujitsubo power getter cat back Tien lowering springs, sard rrpfr, mx5 265 injectors, glazna head, gasket kit head bolts and oil filter relocation for oil feed Started some of the but have done a couple of woopies first off modifying the stock manifold with the ct9 flange was a mistake leaves the cat back too low in the exhaust tunnel. And would have been easier to weld one up from scratch. saying I've just bought a eBay one. My second mistake was drilling the sump while it was still on for the oil return I had read that its generally a bit of a mare so I wanted to avoid dropping it but in drilling it I clipped my Conrod and balance wieght on the crank and am looking at it through a 20mm hole thinking it looks ok but I want to be sure. If it is wankered us it worth just getting forged ones without pistons to replace them or just save the pennies and get 2nd hand one. I'll drop some pictures depicting the above and the progress hopefully will be all sorted by Christmas and be ready for a tune. Peace n love Joe
  11. looking for 4 fte pistions and rods regards Joe
  12. J0n4th4n0

    Ep91 cat back

    bought one already sorry pal
  13. Yeah that's a decent setup you'll make some good n/a power if you get hold of some cams and a decent exhaust manifold bigger tb you could be pushing 110s maybe higher, I reckon from reading my output on the injector cycle I was getting around 85-95 bhp on around 3degrees advance on the dizzy, rolls inlet, sard rrpfr, stock exhaust and the bottom half of the air box deleted. if I'm honest it still a bit felt slower in 4th and 5th and maybe .5 of a second slower to 62 than, previous starlet which had a better intake setup: cut a 3" hole in the box and piped a cold air feed around the battery to under the bumper in the engine bay tray, and a 2.5 bored out tb Sadly my bored tb is with some scrapper somewhere in East Anglia.
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