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  1. the oem ecu is not able to properly fuel itbs, due to the unusable map signal. standalone engine management is a must. and to be quite frank. itbs on a stock 4efe is a giant waste of time. understanding how and why a build will benefit from itbs would eliminate the need to ask questions like this.
  2. nice work, any chances of a video clip of the engine revving with the plenum? :D
  3. not sure if It was mentioned before. but what thickness headgasket are you using?
  4. if the jets were changed, look at the sizes written on them. If you are referring to the idle fuel screw, send it all the way in( dont over tighten) and back it out one and a half turn, that is a good starting point. also make sure the float level is set correctly.
  5. not sure how useful this info is, but the header/exhaust from the 4wd nze121 corolla is tucked closer to the engine and might fir the starlet firewall easier?
  6. I cant wait to see your results. :)
  7. welcome back, I've been trying to remember the name of this thread to find a particular post. awesome timing. EDIT: could you repost a picture of the wiseco custom piston please?
  8. on the thermostat housing under the distributor? the green 2 wire plug.make sure none of the wires are brittle and/or broken.
  9. Are the wires to the 2 wire coolant temp sensor, or one of the wires to the 3 wire coolant temp sensor (depending on model) broken? is there a check light?
  10. http://machineshoppros.com/toyota-1-5l-5efe-tercel-paseo-corsa-dohc-cylinder-head-91-99-zero-miles.html The link i found previously was in an old Tercel forum, i'll try to find and link that later as well. EDIT: http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a206/sleepyrz/5efedis_head_4-1.jpg
  11. heh, when i first put my motor together i forgot to install the plate entirely. i cant even remember where i put it, ill sort it sometime. Did some research and the usdm 5e head with the cam sensor has recessed areas in the same spots where my 4e pistons are touching the head.
  12. update: Dont use the usdm metal headgasket with 4efe pistons, the outer edges of the pistons hit the head at high temp/rpms. Currently refreshing my engine and noticed it. woops.
  13. kinda jelous, the g6 box doesnt exist in my market, and 6 speeds in general are like diamonds here. one of those would polish my build off nicely.
  14. toyota did poorly with labeling the gearboxes. but the 6 speed is easy to spot when you look at the end cap that covers 5th and 6th gears, its shaped different to the 5 speeds there and longer.
  15. i find ways to re-purpose parts and do my own labour to cut costs while still meeting/exceeding the spec i'm after, so no. I couldn't have had a 300bhp starlet. well I could have, but for how long? at 300bhp i would need bigger wheels, to fit bigger tyres, an lsd different gearing. boost is a long slippery slope and I have exactly 0 interest in E series engines on boost. my only interest was the fact that the toyota starlet Gi and not the gt, was a homologation spec model for a race series, and i wanted to see why toyota didnt use parts they already had to raise the spec...and in building
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