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  1. No turbo will b staying n.a.. Have they same rods as anything else stronger??
  2. 2zz requires custom shafts nd chassis work nd front cross member work just think cud do this easier plus I already have a tsport there complete ha
  3. No turbo has to b n/a so an exhaust nd intake nd ecu maybe throttle bodies see how d room is with intake on d front
  4. Ah pros nd cons never bothered me ha going to give it a go. . Dont like yaris Goin to drop it into an ep82
  5. Before it starts I know a turbo is faster. That is not an option for wat I'm doing. Also I know 5e is drop in but Very hard get here nd have a tsport yaris thats scrap Just wondering has anyone done it. Will two mounts nd shafts b right nd just fab d engine mount??
  6. Ya got someone to put in the fte engine after??
  7. Anges power in Galway ap performance best man for d job. . 😉
  8. i know its been covered time to time but still no real finds. firstly i cant go turbo so dont say that it has to stay n/a and high compression. mark in block that work hone out. . 5e blocks any good here are impossible to get. . so anyone know of any crowd besides getting custom made (mad money) that do high comp 75mm pistons?? thanks for any help ian
  9. Not quick enough for this job ha. Drove one yesterday with it nd made huge difference But your man bought it that way knows nothing about wat it's out of
  10. Anybody ever do power or non power steering. Or know if any others ae86 etc wud work??
  11. well just wondering is there any other gearboxs that ya can get into a starlet/ corolla that has an eight bolt crown wheel besides the gt turbo/glanza box and the 6speed levin box??
  12. is there something you want to know or just looking for a manual??
  13. Looking for 4efe or 4efte lightweight flywheel pm me if have one thanx
  14. Anybody done it. . Only auto test car stealing not an issue ha. Need car going tomorrow? thanx
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