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  1. Kealenc

    Loom section

    Could you send me a picture of the plug on the end that joins into the loom?
  2. Kealenc

    Loom section

    Hi, I'm looking for the roof section of a 97 Glanza v interior loom
  3. Just swapped a turbo engine into my starlet and I'm just wondering if any of you know if this will effect nct when it comes to getting it tested. Any advice appreciated
  4. It's a standard ep91 starlet with a Glanza engine with just some small bits done like a front mount and upgraded leads. I want some pretty good discs and pads on the front because I am leaving the drums on the back for the winter
  5. Well guys, just wondering if some of you could point me in the right direction for some decent discs and pads... I'm not running much power so I don't intend on changing the set up much. Just looking for some links or websites as to where ye pick up your bits and bobs. Thanks
  6. Kealenc


    hi, im looking for this little blue sensor from a glanza v... any help greatly appreciated
  7. Kealenc


    Looking for the two sensors that run from the inlet manifold to the ignition coil bracket
  8. I've attempted a glanza engine swap into my little starlet and I've hit a big problem... I'm 90% done as the car will start and run ok but as soon as I give it trottle it won't return to idle but instead it will just die out. Any help or any tips greatly appreciated 👍
  9. Kealenc

    Wanted !

    I need a turbo map sensor from an ep91
  10. Kealenc

    Map sensor

    In need of a fully functioning ep91 Glanza v map sensor... Needs to be from the turbo engine
  11. Anyone have a working ep91 Glanza map sensor?
  12. Just after putting a 4efte into my ep91 starlet and for some reason isn't starting, it is sparking well but for some reason won't run. Car seems to be trying hard to actually start but there is something funny going on with the fuelling. Just wondering if the starlet fuel pump is OK for the turbo engine and should if I need to change the map sensor? Any help/advice greatly appreciated 👍
  13. Just wondering what pressure the standard actuator opens at when the boost solenoid is removed ?
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