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  1. Hi sam yea I have a pair of 4efte camshafts in the garage I got for cheap and yes their is a difference in lift, just abit less than 1mm I measured. So they will be going in soon hopefully as I think theres a small leak from camshaft seal.
  2. Hi guys haven't been on here in a while, the starlet is still going strong but been so busy with other cars. Speaking of which my most recent buy is another starlet which is having a very unique engine swap which hasnt been done yet. Will have a blog eventually. As for the sr in this time it has had abit of work, mainly engine as it was burning too much oil so I fully rebuilt a spare engine with the addition of : Skimmed head, fully ported and polished, lightened flywheel, full rotating assembly balance ie crank, pistons, conrods, flywheel, clutch, front pulley. Apart from this
  3. Right the next thing I have started is taking the spare engine out and started stripping it down. I have had the head on the work bench for the last few months porting and polishing and going rebuild this and swap the head over. I have also been collecting parts for the exhaust manifold which is on the to do list next. The head was a pain to get off managed to round a few of the bolts unfortunately anyway heres where I'm at now. And here's what 25+ hours of work and having no social life for a few months will get you. It's not perfect but I am happy with the way
  4. Yeah I have also fitted them before but too high for me aswell but wonna have another go with trying to get them to sit lower.
  5. Ah ok cheers that makes sense now are the shims easy to come across in various sizes
  6. Why do you have to change the shims when using the higher lift cams I can understand changing them when using regrinds.
  7. I am planning on using them with the throttle bodies instead of a manifold. And yeah I was looking into getting valve springs aswell I will have a look at that site later on.
  8. I have been looking to get some cams for my na build. Was looking into getting oe cams sent to be reground which means new shims will be needed but for a little extra cost the there is the billet cams by speedvision. Other than that I'm not sure where to get any other cams. Does anyone have any experience with the speedvision cams are they any good and do they require reshimming?
  9. Me two gonna keep my eye on this one.
  10. So not much of an update but I do have a few parts coming together, I made a little spacer ring for the gauge to fit the larger hole in the pod. And I finally decided to go with a ecumaster det3, seems like a few people have had good experiences with using it so I thought I'd give it a go. Not bad:
  11. Progress is top mate gonna be doing the head on mine aswell thought it cant hurt. wish mine was coming together as quick as yours tho :(
  12. Oh right ok Thanks for the replies,
  13. Dragged home another starlet a while back and i am now taking the head off it to give it a port and polish. As i took the rocker cover off it shocked me with the amound of chips off the cam lobes i dont have any pictures at the moment But my sr has a few but not as much as what i just seen is this common with these engines or has this engine been ragged too much.
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