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  1. Yeah they sent an email with total loss on it before it was estimated at bodyshop went to bodyshop sat for 5 days and came back to me! Don’t think it got an estimate
  2. Thanks mate yeah it was and still is a wee cracker just don’t have the time just now to put her right
  3. Hello guys I’m fairly certain I’m gonna be letting go of my starlet solida/SR replica. I have a fairly small build thread on here if you need to look. Anyway my dad was using my starlet as his car was off the road. He was sitting at a box junction and someone bumped into the person behind him who bumped my dad. To me the damage looks like back bumper and tailgate. Insurance have written car off category S. I bought car back off insurance with the idea of fixing and putting it back on the road but having a few projects on the go I reckon I’m gonna move it on. Car has sr speedline alloys (I got
  4. Hello all, I’m looking for a rear bumper and tailgate for my s reg starlet! Preferably in 1ao silver but I’m open to any colour. Ideally local to Glasgow area but willing to travel for the right ones! Let me know what you’ve got! Don’t mind scratches as long as rust free! Cheers
  5. Hi mate I emailed you last night did you get it?
  6. Yeah gasket is in the packet and PayPal is good for me. I will email you shortly. Cheers
  7. Just pulled it out the cupboard, still had the invoice in the box for 60 quid. Oh well it needs to go!! the gasket is in the shed still in the packet. Let me know if you need anything else. Cheers
  8. Ok mate, once I dig it out the cupboard I will upload some pictures. Cheers
  9. Hi mate I have one here. I've had it a while and never got round to fitting it. I paid £55 quid for it and £10 for new gasket! And I reckon postage would be no more that £10. So £75 including postage?
  10. Glad you got it sorted mate!
  11. Seen bulbs causing issues like that before.
  12. Sounds like you have fitted the wrong type of bulb( single filament instead of double or vice Versa) or you have a bad bulb.
  13. Admin please lock post as I have sold exhaust.thanks
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