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  1. Hi No, not at the moment unfortunately. Regards, Usman
  2. Hi We have all that in stock. Drop me a message or give us a call on 01484 535665 if there is something you can't find :) Regards, Usman
  3. We have them available here: https://id-workz.co.uk/rear-caliper-piston-starlet-ep82-91?search=caliper%20piston Regards, Usman
  4. https://id-workz.co.uk/tial-mv-s-wastegate-38mm?mfp=manufacturers%5Btial%5D&search=tial We have 2 black ones on the shelf
  5. Yes we will be soon all being well
  6. We have the distributor cap available here: http://id-workz.co.uk/distributor-cap-boot-type-starlet?search=19101-11070 Cheers
  7. I would say K&N to be honest mate. Uzzy
  8. Hi We can supply a K&N filter for £55 delivered. We can also supply a Blitz one however that is out of stock until the end of next month. That one is £47 delivered. Uzzy
  9. I'm afraid not. We do not have any bodykits available for the time being.
  10. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    38mm EWG

    Hi We have brand new wastegates available here: http://id-workz.co.uk/tuning-1/wastegates-and-actuators On the shelf so can dispatch today Uzzy
  11. Hi Brad Sorry you didn't get a reply, I have just checked and it was in the junk folder for some reason. The cooling panels won't fit without an EP82 front end I'm afraid. Regards Usman
  12. We have the kit available here: http://id-workz.co.uk/starlet-turbo-air-filter-relocation-kit?search=ct9-rk Uzzy
  13. All frp parts will be available in September all being well Regards
  14. Hi We hope to have these available in September. Regards Usman
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