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  1. This is my first time with UK Starlet Owners and Japfest, I've done OhSoRetro in my starlet due to her age and other meets and greets but nothing on this scale, so your not on your own there. Quite excited to be on spot 3 too, need to get her all clean and shiny for the event, be great to meet everyone too.
  2. oh wait, dont worry found it in the search, came in yesterday at some point, strange i skipped over it though. Rather excited now, the car is dire need of a clean, gonna take a few hours or more
  3. What email address you got yours from ? been checking my emails but cant see anything
  4. Happy 1st Day of April, getting closer to the dead line and the show date
  5. Wednesday Morning bump - Would like to know how many has booked
  6. All about that Tuesday bump man, gotta get those tickets and cars in
  7. Taking my dad to this one too, since he is my mechanic after all, haha, to be honest i do know some stuff about cars but not masses, lost knowledge over the years, besides starlets are reliable. Also looked at hotel costs for near the time, they want a good £100 for a night at the local premier inn, bit of a rip off
  8. Never been on track and i dont think my little 1ltr starlet would be able to do much on track
  9. Paid and i'm in can't wait for this now, be my first Japfest show and first starlet show with you guys and girls. I don't know how it all works as i'm fairly new to shows, but i'm sure it will all run smoothly
  10. let me know if you decide to break it, as it looks like i require an interior center console part from this, thanks.
  11. i know of other car meets in kent area's not sure of pure starlet ones though
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