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  1. Not sure if i have this, might do but doubt itll be immaculate dude ill check tmoz? Give me A text tmoz 07940528176
  2. Got one here text me 07940528176
  3. Got a fuel pressure regular text me 07940528176
  4. I got rev counter clocks dude sr ones i think text me an offer 07940528176
  5. Dickydan

    Blue king lead

    I got one dude not sure on a price lol?
  6. I got one here duse text me! 07940528176
  7. Dickydan

    gt exhaust

    I got a full stainless exhaust here dude unsure of make but sounds good can text/whatsapp pics looking for £100 collected with a ct9 decat or £130 delivered without the decat( price will be same with or without decat pipe) 07940528176
  8. Got some think its 40mm drop but slight squeaking? Text me an offer 07940528176
  9. Dickydan


    £120 delivered come off a gt working fine before removal text me 07940528176
  10. Dickydan

    gt exhaust

    I got s gt exhaust text me 07940528176
  11. I got a fpr here £40 delivered text me 07940528176
  12. Dickydan

    Decat wanted!

    I got a random one dude text me 07940528176
  13. Dickydan

    Ep82 parts

    I gt the stalks dude?? Text me :)07940528176
  14. I got glanza headlights here dude £40 plus fees and delivery, its cheap anyways dude £10 max Text me 07940528176
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