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  1. Thanks for the offer but am looking for a bare shell pretty much not looking for one with any mods or expensive parts left on
  2. Haha i had nicks up on saturday for mot with me and took my apprentice out for a spin in it and reminded me how fun they are so will build one again as a toy
  3. Been out the glanza scene for a while now after a shell to build up so if any one has one with logbook and wants it saved from scrap let me know. Ideally in south west but can travel Heres my old glanza Heres my daily atm Been threw many cars since my last glanza about 12 mk4 golfs, evo, l200 leon cupra R, A3 dsg sport and loads of other crap
  4. Its been shit especially for my dad but things are looking better but awaiting results etc, i should not of had to justify my self lile this, but when people start throwing abuse around i had to put them straight, i dont owe money to any one, there was only the miss hap with chrissy, The strut brace i got ripped off for sending by kayleigh but no one believed me even though in other threads they got caught out , the intercooler got delivered Now im not gonna be on here much and wanted to clear things up as its not fair on nick to get abuse from jumped up pricks who think they can judge peop
  5. Right for all you jumped up wankers who suddernly feel the need to judge my life, My grandad got rushed into hospital and was diognosed with Lymphoma Just incase any of you lot dont know thats cancer, His kidneys also failed while he was in there and rushed to exeter hospital, At this point we was told he would not have long to live and my dad had to take work leave to look after my nan and keep goin back and forth to exeter and other hospitals, There is more details but why should i have to explain any more then what i have already. So if any of you pricks think im a thief and all the
  6. Thanks ollie ive always tried to help the starlet community but its soon forgoten about
  7. I even gave nick a exedy 3 puck clutch to get his car finished I offered josh hatheral a few glanza shells for free and front ends etc as knew he wanted one I gave joshs mate a glanza inlet and other parts free Gave frem-jay many of free parts to help his build Both brendon and mitchell ware had many of parts for free on collection Dangerstarlet i help get his glanza done by sending him parts when needed for free Also many others who have collected parts from me I have put extra parts in parcels for people and always tried my best to help others in the starlet community For what?
  8. The thing thats really getting to me is in being made out to be the biggest thief in the world yet the money for the strut got returned and i lost the part and the money so no one got robbed there, i will sort something with chrissy when i stop getting targeted, ive been on this site for years and broke several cars and had very minor issues and have give every person whos been to mine to collect parts many freebies that i could of made hundreds on and just over the sake of this minor mishap im pushed away and targeted Ask your self if i was this con man would i justify my self? Would i keep
  9. Here we go, that strut brace did go missing 100% fact and as for a little scratcher, fuck off cunt, i work monday to saturday and private work sundays to earn my money to pay for my house and to pay my way in life u cheaky fucking shit and to call some one a little scratcher your the one whos goin out with some one who actually robbed half this forum on PURPOSE and most the people on starlet facebook pages! I will be sorting something with chrissy
  10. And i never claimed the 52 it says cancelled payment by it ffs i have had enough of being blamed for shit over and fucking over I never claimed your 52 or signed for that parcel as its not my house I
  11. I never signed for them, i dont even live at my dads where they were sent to i live over 8 mile away again can ask nick about that as he knows i live in another town So as for the busted remark thats bollocks as that aint me whos signed for it
  12. Its not cling film its shrink wrap i use it on all items then either boxed or have cardboard around them like they were when received to him, so dont try be a smart arse and ask all the other load of people who have received parts from me how there wrapped, i received them back in a box with out any wrap just bits of carboard, i told him they looked fine fitted as seen and another member who was at mine a day before removed even said that, its irrelivent how they were wrapped when i sent them as they did not have a smashed lense when they were opened in ireland, Email me direct chrissy if you
  13. I replied to the dispute open via paypal the official route and as said did not use ukso at the time.
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