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  1. Forgot to come back to this thread, i found the wire its all sorted now. Cheers though guys!
  2. I only have the two, one that goes to the 02 sensor and the other that is for the water temp that goes up to thermostat housing
  3. Yeah checked the wiring diagram at searched around that loom and there is nothing, going to have to follow from the clocks back i guess.
  4. The oil light on my car slowly started to come on very dimly the other day, seemed to get slightly bright the hotter the engine got, never known a oil light to slowly turn on and slowly get brighter, never to the the point of being fully on. So at first i thought possible oil relief vavle sticking hence the light coming on the hotter the engine got. Checked the oil pressure switch tonight as thought it could be a sensor issue and turns out it has no connection on it what so ever. I have looked around the gearbox and everywhere and cannot seem to find the oil pressure spade connector? Is it possible that it never had one on in the first place, only owned the car for 2 weeks now and cant remeber for the life of me if i have ever seen a connection on it.
  5. What did you end up doing? I just recently bought my glanza and have the same issue, i want to run a airfilter
  6. As the title says what oil filter relocation kits are everyone using and where did they mount it? Want to run a air filter on my glanza but there is not enough room between the turbo and oil filter
  7. Hey guys i recently picked up my glanza and have noticed that the car is not blowing hot air, only mildly warm. Any ideas? I checked to make sure the heater matrix wasn't leaking and everything is bone dry there. Was thinking possibly thermostat? The cars water temperature seems to sit at 74 degrees
  8. Ahh okay did you just put a new clutch of the same make in? had any issues since ?
  9. So was it definitely the clutch that was at fault and causes of the issues?
  10. Hmm guess it's time for a different clutch from a different manufacturer
  11. Anyone ever had a issue with a spec clutch, sometimes when the car is hot it doesnt always disengaged, it also sometimes feels lazy whilst changing gears? Cheers Alfie
  12. Looking to buy a forged glanza have 5kish to spend. Will spend more for the right car, whats about?
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