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  1. Its strange mine does smoke but i barely top it up lol. Always check it and its fine, i use this car every day and have my kids in it. Like you say its very rare to see one broken down lol. This is the most reliable car i have ever owned. Not let me down once even with the milage. Even now i plant my foot and it makes me grin lol. As well as crunches into gear.. its a common thing.. mines like that doesnt affect it at all. Thanks bro i payed £2,200 last year so i think i have priced it fair for what has been done. Like i say i use it on a daily basis and not one thing has gone wrong. Thanks bro appreciate it.
  2. Year: 2003 (03) Model: Honda civic type R Tax: you know how it works, MOT: July 2016 Mileage: 138,670 Description: For sale is my civic type r. 218bhp 03 reg. 138k miles. I am the second owner. First owner was a women who used it up to when i bought it. It had 128k at purchase. Im an honest person so.. Right things with car. All things work CD player 4-2-1 straight thru to a 4 inch popper, 5 months old all custom. Brand new disc and pads on front New rear tyres. Gold wheels. Bad things i guess? I bought the car with the clutch very high and still to this day its the same one, it never slips only when you have gave it some and are crusing in 6th and plant it. It will slip.. Rust on passengers rear arch. Bubble on arch. But actuall bottom bit of arch has crumbled. You wouldnt notice it unless you look at it.. Two front tyres on limit. YES it does smoke on VTEC. Uses minamum oil.. Thats it i guess... everything else is spot on.. I will point out i had the car dynoed at 135k miles. IT MADE 218bhp at the fly. And VTEC kicked superb as you can see in the graph. Even though she smokes it still hits that vtec just aa agressive as any other. Also the power output is imence for a N/A Like i say it kicks lovely. Price: £1,350 ono or px glanza cash your way. This is a decent price. Im telling you its a brillant car the engine is bullet proof and does not bother me when you pull away from someone and she puffs. On about being left in smoke lol. Pictures: Contact Details: PM please. More pics will be up,
  3. Wardy wheres a thread on the cooper!? See it down powerspeed getting full system. I hope it sounds sweet?
  4. Yes 300bhp at maybe 950kg tops? Would shit on majority of things
  5. Wow its still going!? On the same engine?! Remember my mate done the work on it back 5 years ago!
  6. Agree with you, there is obviously more to this..
  7. Haha i just went and bought a type r mate. You on instagram?
  8. Not bad, yeah may look bettet. But dunno its such a nice colour just need some wheels what suit it and it be spot on!
  9. Good work bro. But wheels need to go doesnt suit it!!
  10. Haha tell me about it!! Thankyou all i really do appreciate all your help!!
  11. Looks good bro. Cant wait to see more. Keep doing what makes you happy. Its your car no one elses 👍
  12. Just wana say sorry i didnt listen to you all who said dont buy vauxhall, i had my GSI 10 weeks and the first week it set me back £1000 that thing cost me £4000 altogether and still wasnt right. I sold it last week for £2,500 in just over 2 months i lost out on £1500. I have no gone and bought a 2003 type r civic. And my god with even 125k on clock it pulls like a trooper. Lady owner past 10 years. Totally standard. Needs a MOT and a rust patch sorted. But yeah i will make sure i listen to you guys next time!
  13. Anyone glanza?? Got 3k cash
  14. Im tempted to get a 330. I've just sold the zafira gsi im lost on what to get
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