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    I'm 24 years old currently building my very own ep91, doing all the work my self, I'm a painter by trade so I'm hoping to build a very very clean starlet fingers crossed :) I'm a keen bodybuilder too as my old man owns a gym so if I'm not lifting weights I'm most likely painting a car!

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  1. My neck of the woods are you local mate? Wasn't my car but I know who it most likely was the lads name is Steven Smith lovely lad post up on the four seventy car group page you will find him on there
  2. that looks awesome mate tbf! rp01 are a brilliant choice I loved mine when I had them. white n.a always look so good I have a white cd as a doner and I always look at I and think I cold make this look so awesome lol what material did you use for your door cards? its exactly what I'm after :)
  3. Great project so far mate well done!
  4. Thanks guys really appriciate it I have had a little bit of bad luck with the car over the last few months had someone reverse into me smashed my side repeater cracked my bumper etc i however have the utter joy to discover ill be having a baby girl on november 6th!! so repairs will be a slow process but ill get there! I have managed to get some side repeaters that dont have broken lugs so thats a bonus! Also got an ebay bargain and won some ebc drilled and grooved discs ebc pads and glanza calipers
  5. Got some new wheels! Finally upgraded to 15s! Got my self a set of volk racing cv pro split rims! Only have one picture atm and shes parked on a kurb but i love them! They need a refurb so ill be starting that soon
  6. Rich-k

    Ep91 backbox

    Hey im after a stainless backbox for my ep91. Cheers
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