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  1. Still available if anyone is interested
  2. Item For Sale: Broken 4EFTE Engine Item Condition & Description: Bottom end went a few months ago and I'm moving soon and don't have anywhere to store it so need it gone. Price: Free Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Collection only from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.
  3. Im about 20 miles from Reading mate
  4. I've got a full engine you can have for cheap if you collect. Bottom end is fucked but the head in perfect condition.
  5. Cheers guys I'll check that out this weekend, I know the positive terminal is a little bit loose even when fully tightened so might need to get some shims or something for it.
  6. Hey guys, so recently I've noticed that when I turn my headlights on or use the electric windows at idle the car drops around 200 - 300 revs and feels like its getting close to the point where it might cut out or stall. I've also noticed that all of the interior lights such as the dash clock go really dim when the headlights are turned on and stay dim while I'm driving also. I've recently had a new battery fitted and the alternator was tested and is in good shape, has anyone got any idea what could be causing this?
  7. One on Facebook for £2850 at the moment, needs a little work though
  8. Yeah it is a lovely kit, should be good to go then if you'v got all the bits lol. Haven't got round to fitting my tf035 kit yet as blew my engine up haha
  9. Yeah they're direct fitment mate I believe. Its worth noting though you'll probably need an uprated clutch, FPR, and some form of engine management to run a tf035 with a decent amount of boost. Cant say for certain but I believe the standard clutch is really too good the closer you get to 200bhp. Probably would work if you don't run too much boost though. 5e colin is probably the bloke to ask about that though, pretty sure he's got quite a bit of experience with them.
  10. Haha fair one mate, as you say you'll need a manifold and quite a few other bits to run the tf035, if you happen to change your mind though I've got a few lying around
  11. Got a TF035 mate if thats something you would be interested in?
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