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  1. Just to keep everyone updated..I will be posting everything thats happened in this build over the past few months as i have been mega sloppy with updates (and the cars come a long way from the last update) :)
  2. After a glanza mid spoiler, must be in good condition and have good fitment!
  3. thanks mate, i have changed the wheels up now! miles too big to run without more modification the the car
  4. @Si@Fiske Any update to if there was any sets left? and i noticed you will be making a few more carbon parts too..any update on these? Thanks a lot Andy
  5. Sorry guys been mega busy lately! quite a few changes have been made to the car (alloys etc) and looking for carbon front fenders and bonnet.. I shall upload some photos tomorrow since i have a day off work!
  6. Decided not to sell the car and keep it! Im now using a glanza front end (Bonnet/Bumper). - Waiting on headlights I will be posting regular updates from the 31st Thanks Andy
  7. Thanks for the Advice and feedback guys, I ended up getting lowering springs and shocks (60mm) all round, perfect drop in my opinion. If there's any rubbing I will just get the arches rolled no big deal.
  8. Right guys I was going to do updates often but never got round to doing it! Here's the build near enough complete.. (feedback would be great)
  9. I recon i could get away with it though? i don't think it will be sat too much in the arches, the front is mega high its just the rear what might rub a little
  10. Right guys a little update! - Wheels are on (test fit) Rota Grid 16x8 - Livesports spoiler (test fit) - All parts are back this week from the bodywork/spray garage In need of a little help, I'm about to buy some coilovers but the min drop on them is 50mm but by the look of the gap in the arch that should be okay? Here are some photos! Any feedback would be great! Andy.
  11. I have a silver one but based in Barnsley mate
  12. Just a quick post as im after some lowering springs for my starlet NA I have 16x8 Rotas so i should be able to get away with at least 20mm-30mm Drop me a message if anyone has any there willing to sell
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