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  1. So the car sold last week but I’ll not be gone for good. Hopefully I’ll be back in a couple of years in something turbo’d. Admin can lock this thread now if you want. Finally a picture of the replacement at a local meet. (Yellow Saxo VTR)
  2. The engines are supposed to be solid it’s just the rest of the car that seem to fall apart around them but they don’t seem too bad overall. I’ll do a vts swap eventually I’m sure but the vtr seemed like a good option for a first track car being cheap and reasonably quick compared to other cars at the same price and insurance is cheaper than on the starlet and they handle really well. And I don’t see why I won’t stick around the forum I’m certain I’ll own a glanza one day so got no reason to leave. Cheers bud. Could do with some spacers to pull them out a bit
  3. I’ve now bought a Saxo VTR so this will be up for sale in a week or so. I wanted something a bit faster that would be more suited to doing some track days next year. There’s also a lot more aftermarket parts and parts are also a lot cheaper for the saxo so it seemed like the better idea
  4. So after 2 months of having the standard air box back on and the breather pipe back on oil usage has dropped a ton. My oil levels have been so much more stable so that’s a big win. The cars also about to hit 140,000 miles now still going strong. Although after 20,000 miles in my care I think the starlet will be going up for sale next month. The plan was to glanza swap it or turbo the 4efe however I don’t have the space or the time to do it and I’ve got a need for speed that the starlet just doesn’t fulfill anymore. I’ve no doubt I’ll be back in a few years converting an na or owning a
  5. Had a great time camping at japfest donington and the event was great. Also got to show my car last minute after making friends with another starlet owner who turned out to be an admin at outlaw jap club. Anyways some picture
  6. So the new wheels got painted and fitted and I finally levelled my car out so it’s no longer nose diving. Also got rid of any tint on my lights. I don’t know whether it’s the tyres I got put on the wheels or that fact that it’s no longer nose diving but the car feels so much better to drive and goes round corners so much nicer now. Enough chat anyway here’s a couple of pics I took getting ready for Japfest Donnington
  7. So I may have made a cheeky little purchase the other day. Bought some new wheels to replace the filth that I currently have. Will put pictures up once they’ve been painted and have a fresh set of rubber. Also gave my car a quick service today. Only oil, oil filter and air filter but every little helps trying to keep this 140,000 mile engine running as long as possible.
  8. So I did a little thinking around the oil usage issue and I think it’s not as bad as I thought. After realising that for the oil that I’m losing there should be at least some smoke but there’s none. So I decided to investigate further and it seems like the rear main seal? has started leaking and that’s where my oil is going. There’s never any oil on the floor where I park but being the rear main seal? I can only assume it would only be leaking when the engine is running. It would also explain my juddery starts with oil getting on the clutch as well (I just assumed release bearing). This is goo
  9. The white na earlier on in my thread I’ve seen a couple of times at car meets, I think I saw a dark green one, there’s a red glanza I assume rep in Sheffield somewhere, I’ve seen a white glanza going across todwick a57 roundabout and I think somewhere on my estate in South Anston there is a black gt but I’ve not seen it with my own eyes yet. I think that’s all I know of or have seen
  10. Do you know if there’s any others around the area? I thought I saw a dark green one on speedlines at somepoint but I don’t know if I was just dreaming or not haha
  11. Ohhh shiiit yeah I keep seeing you as well. Weren’t sure if you’d be on here or not. Your car looks well mate. Every time one of my mates see you I get a text saying ‘I’ve just seen the black starlet!!’ I thought you were a myth until I finally saw you haha
  12. So a quick update. My little starlet has become quite unhappy. After 137,000 miles, oil consumption has now become an issue. I think to resolve this I'm gonna try and find a good condition 4efe to replace it temporarily and while my current engine is out i'll give it a bit of an overhaul (new piston rings, valve seals, headgasket etc) so that it can go back in happy and healthy and ready for hopefully a turbo. Before the engine gets rebuilt there is a couple of things I would like to do first. I'm finally gonna get rid of the awful alloys on the car and replace them with something a l
  13. Not really been on here much but a couple of cheaper things have been happening recently. Picked up a spoiler for £15, I meshed my front grill and I did a backbox delete with a bit of 2.5” pipe for some noise before it all gets sorted properly. So plans for this car are pretty much final after a lot of thinking. Hopefully later this year when my wage increases I’ll be collecting parts for a 4efe+t so I’ll be turboing the engine that’s currently in the car instead of doing the 4efte swap. I’ve a few more handling mods that I want to do before this but once they are out of th
  14. Just a quick question. I was wondering if anyone knew the exhaust diameter on the standard na back half of exhaust. For some reason the exhaust going in one side of the mid silencer is bigger than when it comes out the other side and I was wondering if it went from 2” to 1.75” or if it went 1.75” to 1.5”. Any help is massively appreciated cheers
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