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  1. Quick question I have removed the charcoal canister and I’m left with a pipe that as fair as I can work out is something to do with the fuel tank I’m guessing I can’t just block it off so would it be okay to but a one way valve on it ? So it can let out pressure?
  2. Hi I've just pulled off my gearbox and clutch to find the clutch is a 3 paddle I don’t know much about clutch’s is this Normal amount of pad left or should I be looking to replace?
  3. I have done before but it has been a little while so maybe I’ll try that
  4. Hi any advice would be great I keep getting the same problem with my gearbox/clutch when ever I give it even a little bit of power and say off some lights or something I can’t change into 2nd or the same goes from 2nd to 3rd it’s happened a few times now and in the past I've changed the Clutch master cylinder the clutch slave braided line longer clutch pin but that solves it for a while then it happens again ??
  5. Hi I’m thinking about doing some track days later in the year. At the moment I've got an WEPR ct9 top mount with an external wastegate and screamer. At the moment it’s fairly loud on fall chat what I personally don’t mind but won’t pass noise testing so what’s the best way to get it quieter to pass noise testing ?
  6. How much mate and where are you ?
  7. Any ideas on where I can get aftermarket ones I had a google and could seem to find any ?
  8. One off my wind deflectors fell and broke the other day so I was wondering if anyone sells new ones that I could get or is it a matter of find second hand ones? Cheers
  9. Hi I’m looking for some more advice I've been looking into not running a BOV as I've just got a new manifold with wastegate and FMIC and don’t have the money for one at the moment. My question is what do I do with the pipe that comes off the throttle body can I just block it off ? Also What happens if I want to run a boost gauge where plump that ? Cheers
  10. Anyone got any pictures of a mishimoto z like intercooler fitted? I’m after an ideas on how to mount them as it’s got bolts all along the top and the bottom of it so was wondering what people had done ?cheers
  11. I've recently brought a civic half rad for the glanza and before I go to fit it I was reading that some people get the bottom hose outlet moved over but I also see that it will go with out it. So is best to get it moved or just not bother ??
  12. Okay cheers mate i see this kit on eBay what’s just the pipes but they look abit difference from the ones in you link any ideas on what’s better? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153655328345
  13. Hi all I’m looking at buying a mishimoto universe z line intercooler for the glanza but don’t know where to get the piping for it from I’m going to be getting a top mount Ct9 manifold so will need to fit to that. Any help would be great ?
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