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  1. As above looking for ep82 front bumper in mint or good condition. thanks
  2. Hi Looking for sender unit and fuel pump in good condition ASAP for ep82 👍🏻
  3. Only wanting good or perfect condition, thanks
  4. Hi everyone, What brand bulbs are people using on quad lights, main and dip beams. I picked some up today and too big, I’m aware you might have to give them a little shave to fit but the ones I picked up are too wide diameter to even fit in the hole. just wondering what brand bulbs people have got on well with, from what I’ve read there hb4 and 3’s I’m aware all brands differ slightly so any information on ones people have got on with would be great. thanks!!
  5. Looking for the quad light brackets, will happily buy lights if means I get the brackets
  6. Looking for LH drive shaft seal ASAP collect this weekend (Oem)
  7. So I’m looking at possibly upgrading my front anti roll bar, I’ve been reading up about 24mm whiteline arb’s and a lot of people complaining of clearance issues, basically making contact with the lower control arms and parts of the chassis. im aware of people using spacers below the arb brackets to make clearance (personally if I can avoid having to do that i will) i haven’t really heard the same issues with the 22mm sway bars? my car is currently running stock arb, full poly bushes and has fully adjustable coilovers and whiteline adjustable pan hard, and Oem front strut brace, I will also be getting rear strut brace and rear arb, based on what I’ve got on my car would anyone recommend an upgraded front arb or keep it stock? thanks for any advice
  8. Thanks mate buts only really looking for new ones
  9. Its a turbo non lsd gearbox, will the non turbo ones fit that box?
  10. Hi all, currently trying to source some inner cv joints for my ep82 a lot of the ones I’ve found have been for non turbo cars and I can’t seem to find any that match the part number. my car is a non lsd model can anyone tell me where they have got new ones from? Can you use any from any other Toyota?
  11. I’m after some quadlight fitting brackets need ASAP!! Message me I can collect or post to me, cheers
  12. Looking for some rear brake pad clips for a ep82, need urgently!! So message me ASAP if you have any!!! Thanks.
  13. I’m looking for some headlights for a ep82, only want them if there I’m good condition, looking for quad lights, thanks.
  14. I’m looking for all the quad light connectors from the loom
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