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  1. Looking for some rear brake pad clips for a ep82, need urgently!! So message me ASAP if you have any!!! Thanks.
  2. I’m looking for some headlights for a ep82, only want them if there I’m good condition, looking for quad lights, thanks.
  3. No longer need, been sourced
  4. I’m looking for all the quad light connectors from the loom
  5. Looking for some clear indicators
  6. Anyone got a gt ep82 grill for sale?? 

  7. Looking for a uncut front bumper
  8. So I currently have the basic square headlights and want to run the circular headlights (sorry the terminology isn’t great I’m sure someone knows what I mean haha) I was told by the past owner my car did originally have them, on further inspection there is this connector as shown below which I believe is for the circular headlights, will any of the other connectors plug up to the new headlight? Or doesn’t this one connector operate the whole headlight? Thanks for any help in advance
  9. Everyone else seems to be getting there’s sorted but no ones helping me, I’ve sent messages to club staff but not heard anything yet
  10. I currently cannot purchase a new membership it is saying I already have one but I cannot post in wanted or sale sections
  11. Can anyone tell me what these clips would’ve originally been for??
  12. Unfortunately I cannot purchase a new subscription as it says I have already purchased it, I spoke to someone who said you might need to refresh a page for me so I can purchase it?
  13. I have already purchased membership so not sure what’s going on
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