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  1. Car is going to be broke so end of project now cheers
  2. just like to add I purchased turbo and gearbox off ep91sleep top guy and would buy again
  3. universal seal on rear glass old glass seal has gone hard and can be reused but rather put new seal in about 6 quid a metre £600-800 full respray job
  4. local scrappy ? same connector on similar year toyotas
  5. Contact a importer...for a fee they should be able to either do it for you or atlesst give you some advice Phone dvla- you probably need a import pack (documents)
  6. https://www.gov.uk/nova-log-in
  7. The red bit is just tape holding it on to the clip to attach it to the body...
  8. Quite common the tanks are starting to rot The top of the tank isnt protected snd the factory paint coating is thin.
  9. Probably boot seal or the wiring loom seal The loom which goes into tailgate from rooflining (car)
  10. Using a airline and pipe you test to see which pipe is clogged or loose
  11. If your card is linked then its instant...
  12. Or you probably have split pipe...you need to remove the headliner
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