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  1. Oh wow, didn't see this happening ever 😮
  2. I had to remove turbo timer before it worked for me. I just unplugged the turbo timer's harness behind the ignition barrel and put it back togerher just like it came from the factory.
  3. If I remember correctly you have to program the fob again after the battery change.
  4. If that's a hub dyno the power is quite realistic. Here's mine on hub dyno with Tongs GT spec ct9, 0.95bar The result was 107kw(145whp)@5960, torque 198nm@4510.
  5. JAM offered that turbo with their forged engine packages. Inlet is 40mm, here's the pics I took of it:
  6. Cool KP! Prob you won't understand much as the build thread is in finnish, but atleast check the photos http://www.cdlcforum.com/t16042-luisu-yleison-pyynnosta-katusikaa-kp61
  7. Dailied Glanza 5 years from -30c Nordic winters to +30c summer days
  8. Setup supports it, but you will need to send it back to the guy who made it for HW modification/addon.
  9. BoxedLifestyle

  10. When I bought used Tongs hybrid it was dynoed 223 in UK on rolling road, same turbo made 146hp from wheels on my local hub dyno. Dyno differences explain the most high power CT9s on leaderboard ;)
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