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  1. MaxGT

    8K9 Glanza V

    It was resprayed as it was fading was what I was told, I haven't owned the car very long. Definitely hasn't been crashed. Just trying to be an honest seller, no point lying
  2. MaxGT

    8K9 Glanza V

    Not completely, it is a different colour though. Still for sale guys. open to offers.
  3. Year:1996 Model: Starlet Glanza V Tax: N/A MOT: august 17 Mileage: Description: Up for grabs is my Toyota Starlet Glanza V, EP91. The car is in a rare 8K9 blue and the bodywork is very tidy. A few mods: HKS SSQV (replica) ROTA Grids Blitz NUR Spec back box FMIC Short route intake Magnecor leads After market gear knob and steering wheel Boost gauge Car is running at 0.8 bar of boost, and is running fairly well. I think there's a vac leak somewhere, it seems like it's missing a little on full throttle. There's a leak in the exhaust by the
  4. Alrighty lads and ladies, thought it was about time I put up a thread about my 8K9 V! I'm sure you've seen it for sale on here, so I won't bore you with that too much. Updates coming soon
  5. Waaheey! Many starlet related things to come I hope. Happy new year all, hope to meet you all at some shows.
  6. Not me but would.like to know who's local. (Newbury)
  7. Saw this on FB, did a little sex wee when I saw the color. Love it lad.
  8. Could you swap the internals from a EP91 N/A? (assuming they have manual windows?)
  9. Hi guys, just bought a 96 Glanza V, and the injectors keep pissing fuel out. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this?
  10. Duh, just realised I posted in the wrong section ... Sorry haha
  11. Just to let you know if you weren't aware, huge Jap car meet at Reading Gate retail park every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7PM, be good to see more Starlets there!
  12. Gorgeous. A little more than I've got to part with otherwise I'd be all over this. Great looking car, good luck with sale.
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